10 Tips for Crafting Irresistible Promotional Email Subject Lines to Boost Open Rates

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In today’s digital age, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. However, with inboxes flooded with messages, getting your promotional email noticed can be a daunting task. The key to breaking through the noise lies in creating compelling email subject lines that entice recipients to open your message. In this article, we’ll share ten essential tips to help you craft promotional email subject lines that increase open rates and drive conversions.

10 Tips For Creating Attractive Email Subject Lines

1. Personalization is Key

Customizing the greeting in the promotional email subject lines according to the preferences or behavior of customers can pique their interest and create a stronger connection. Businesses can use the recipient’s name in the subject line, for example: “Hello D, you’ve received a special 30% discount“.

Not only can businesses use the recipient’s name, but they can also create subject lines based on the preferences or behavior of consumers. For instance: “Hello D, the product you love is now 50% off” or “Happy Birthday D, a special gift just for you!“.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

Short and concise subject lines are more likely to grab attention and be fully displayed on mobile devices. Aim for around 6-8 words to maximize impact. Avoid overly long, convoluted subject lines that risk getting cut off or lost in the preview.

Businesses can use subject line templates such as:

  • 50% Discount
  • Discover the Secret to Perfect Skin
  • Grab Exciting Summer Deals Now

Short and concise promotional email subject lines must ensure they still highlight key information to stimulate recipients to open the email and continue reading.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

Most of us experience FOMO, the fear of missing out on exciting things or beneficial opportunities. Businesses can tap into this psychological fear by using words that create a sense of scarcity and urgency to prompt customers to open emails. For example, subject lines like:

  • Only 24 Hours Left to Buy at a Special Price!
  • Exciting Promotion – Only Happening Today!
  • Attention! Last Chance to Receive a Gift
  • Last Chance: Flash Sale Ends Tomorrow!

4. Evoke Curiosity

Humans inherently possess a certain level of curiosity; we always want to know more, to understand a secret or a particular issue better. Businesses can leverage this and create enticing subject lines that prompt customers to click and learn more.

For example, using open-ended questions or vague messages to pique curiosity:

  • A Beauty Secret Reserved Just for You!
  • Do You Know the Secret to Achieving Korean-Style Skin?
  • What’s Waiting for You Behind the Door?

5. Foster a Dialogue

The next tip for creating an engaging and captivating promotional email subject line is to build a more intimate and friendly conversation rather than making an announcement. Businesses can spark an issue and express their desire to receive a response from customers, encouraging them to interact and participate in the conversation, such as:

  • Your feedback is crucial to us!
  • Share your thoughts and receive a special offer from us.
  • Let’s create a better experience together!

6. Add a Call to Action

Businesses can also consider including a call to action along with a special offer to help customers recognize the benefits and take the action the business desires. Here are some sample brand subject lines to consider:

  • Buy now and receive a valuable gift worth up to [value]!
  • Get a special offer for your first purchase!
  • Join the program and receive [reward] from us!

7. Consider the Appropriate Context

An effective and engaging promotional email subject line relies on its relevance to the timing and context. Businesses can contemplate and create subject lines tailored to specific situations or special occasions to capture the customer’s attention and encourage them to open the email. For example:

  • Revitalize your skin for the Lunar New Year with [brand name] – Special offers to welcome the new year!
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day – Get an instant [value] discount voucher!
  • Warm up your Christmas – Buy 1, Get 1 for the festive season!

8. Offer Smart Tips

Businesses can also provide clever tips and methods to help customers solve the problems they are currently facing. This will attract attention, arouse curiosity, and encourage customers to open the email. You can consider subject line examples like:

  • Beauty at Home with Expert Skin Care Tips!
  • Exclusive Stress Reduction Secrets with Natural Therapy!
  • Smart Choices for Perfect Skin – Check Now!

9. Utilize Emojis

When customers are tired of receiving text-heavy emails, using emojis can make your business’s emails stand out. Leveraging colorful emojis also adds a sense of familiarity, friendliness, and a positive vibe to the customer experience. For example:

  • 🎉 Celebrate our anniversary with a 20% discount!
  • 🔥 Unbox a surprise – Get an extraordinary gift!
  • 🌟 Big event – Join us!

However, it’s essential to use emojis appropriately and in moderation. Avoid overusing them, as it can distract customers from the main message.

10. Craft an Appropriate Pre-header

Lastly, don’t forget to make use of the pre-header when sending your promotional email. The pre-header is a brief summary of content located just below the subject line and is displayed right in the inbox. It also has the potential to capture customer attention similarly to the subject line.

Therefore, be creative with your pre-header content to make it unique and impactful, enhancing the effectiveness of the subject line and encouraging customers to open and engage with your business’s email content. You can consider some ways to create a pre-header like:

  • Hello D, Would you like to try our newly launched app? Sign up for a free 30-day trial.
  • Hello D, we’re sending you an exclusive offer. Sign up to receive it now!

Some Examples Are Worth Considering

Next, let’s delve deeper into some compelling examples of promotional email subject lines from prominent brands to provide you with additional inspiration for your own business!

Caraway – Evoke Strong Curiosity

Cookware brand Caraway significantly increased its email open rates with the subject line, “Are You Cooking With Toxins?” By creating a direct question and tapping into health concerns, this brand stimulated customers to open the email and engage with their content. This email subject line captivates recipients by sparking curiosity about health-related issues, boosting email opens, and generating interest among customers.

Fenty Beauty – Create a Sense of Urgency

Fenty Beauty expertly leveraged the psychological FOMO effect in their email subject line with the message “LAST CHANCE! Enjoy 25% OFF” to compel recipients to open the email. The brand used the phrase “LAST CHANCE” to create a sense of urgency, coupled with an enticing discount offer to encourage customer action. This promotional email subject line was also enhanced by its clear, concise messaging and generated interest among consumers.

Kylie Cosmetics – Free Gift Offer

Customers often care more about the benefits they receive rather than the features. Therefore, Kylie Cosmetics’ email subject line “Buy a Lip Kit, get a FREE gift!” was effective because it highlighted the benefits that users could get when making a purchase. By providing an enticing offer and using the word “FREE” to make customers reluctant to miss this opportunity, it encouraged them to open the email and effectively boosted sales.


Crafting effective promotional email subject lines is a vital component of any successful email marketing campaign. By following these 10 tips, you can increase your open rates and improve the overall performance of your email marketing efforts. Remember that testing and refining your subject lines over time is key to staying relevant and engaging your audience effectively. With the right subject lines, you’ll not only increase open rates but also drive conversions and foster stronger customer relationships.

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