ONE Subscription: How Can You Get 254 Shopify Templates at Once?

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Have you been thinking recently about getting some high-quality Shopify themes? There are multiple sources available on the Internet where you can search for ready-made solutions that cover every topic your soul wants. Among them, it is possible to find different templates that can assist you in creating online-shops that offer furniture, organic food, books, auto parts, and so on and so forth. In addition to this, you get a chance to get your online-project ready even in the case when you are not extremely good at coding. Yet, when it comes to making a decision in terms of your perfect theme, there are two main groups of this digital product that you can choose from. We are talking about free and premium templates. In our opinion, it is better to opt for the second option. Below, you will be able to get familiar with reasons for such a statement.

A Few Words About Advantages of Ready-Made Templates

To cut a long story short, there are six main reasons that make ready-made templates so widely-used all over the world.

  1. You can also get in touch with a friendly and qualified support team.
  2. You will be constantly provided with updates.
  3. It is cost-effective because you will spend more money if you decide to turn to web-developers.
  4. It takes 2-3 weeks for a web-studio to get your online-project ready. When you possess a ready-made template, everything can be done in the quickest manner.
  5. You are free to make some global changes in the design of the chosen theme.
  6. If you are going to work with the language of HTML for the first time, it is not a big problem. You can simply follow the instructions while installing and customizing your online-project.

What a Good Question: Where to Get These High-Quality Templates?

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A few weeks ago, the world of web-design met ONE – a brand new subscription service that offers hundreds of themes, marketing agency website templates, plugins, and graphics. There are no limits in terms of downloading. Furthermore, each item comes together with 24/7 support. The assortment of digital products is updated on a monthly basis.

In order to get access to all items included in the subscription, you need to pay only $19 per month. What a great chance to get all the necessary instruments for your next online-project at once? By the way, if you look through eCommerce templates presented on the TemplateMonster Marketplace and makes some easy calculations, you will notice that the average price of them is $139. This makes ONE even more alluring, because you can get multiple eCommerce solutions only for $19 per month.

If you are searching for various effective and reputable tools to promote your business and save some money, this subscription service was created to meet your needs.

Main Shopify Characteristics to Keep in Mind

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Many people have already managed to create online-stores (of all sizes and complexities) by means of this fully-functional system. It became possible thanks to multiple instruments that allow customers to search for the needed products in the well-structured catalog, compare them and add to a wishlist, and make payments directly on the website.

All Shopify online-stores include the following features:

  • a top-notch navigation system;
  • limitless customization options;
  • a wonderful blog section;
  • some additional apps to enhance functionality.

Below, you can look through a small collection of exclusive Shopify themes that are capable of presenting your corporate identity in the best possible light. Moreover, your products will be showcased in the most eye-catching manner. This means that your online-sales will start to grow and grow.

m. – Furniture Store Shopify Theme

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This minimalist template is designed for multiple topics, including clothing, shoes, interior decoration, and accessories. It comes together with a bunch of pre-designed pages. Among them, you can find a homepage, collection, contact us, blog, catalog, and sales. It is possible to add a wide range of sections to the homepage – Instagram Feed, banners, blog articles, slideshow, product countdown, newsletter subscription, and many others. You will also get a fully-fledged Visual Editor which will impress you with a great number of layouts that you can choose from.

Be Strong – Sports, Outdoors & Travel Shopify Theme

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We offer to take advantage of this bold template if you are interested in presenting such topics a sports equipment and sportswear. You will be happy to get dozens of excellent tools as a countdown timer, carousel of brands, subscription form, sorting options, and many others. It is also possible to run an engaging blog and attract even more attention to your online-shop.

Tasty Shop – Food & Restaurant Shopify Theme

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An impressive ready-made template that will assist you in presenting your restaurant or food-delivery services. By means of its up-to-date instruments, you can easily showcase photos and descriptions of dishes, allow people to add the most well-favored products to a wishlist, and add their own reviews. There is also an easy-to-use search and product carousel that you can pay your attention to.

Monster Truck – Auto Parts Shopify Theme

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A stylish theme that will make it possible to promote your car parts all over the Internet. It has a monochrome design that will definitely stand out from the crowd. You will be also improved with its top-class functionality that includes a user-friendly editor of visual settings.

Made with Love – Hobbies & Crafts Shopify Theme

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An extremely creative theme that is perfect for those people who decided to sell their handmade goods on the web-space. It is compatible with all popular browsers which means that you are not going to lose even one of your potential customers. You will be also ready to change fonts, colors, and backgrounds in order to achieve your goal and present your individual approach to work.

To Make a Conclusion

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Nowadays, it became extremely easy to create your online-shop. Even if you are a beginner who faces such a difficult task for the first time. Forget such a word such as difficulty here and now. When you have the ONE subscription, everything becomes possible. For this reason, good luck with making your dreams come true and thanks for reading!

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