eCommerce Store Setup: What Trends, Assistants, and Themes Should You Choose?

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Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous trend that is making us go away from physical businesses. As a result, we can witness a gradual transition to online shopping these days. Trying to foretell the future is frequently a futile effort. What will happen to Earth, its people, and their businesses in 20 or 30 years? However, by gathering data and identifying tendencies, it is possible to make very confident predictions about things that are coming to the sphere of eCommerce. Today, our task is to speak about eCommerce trends that will appear in 2022. As a result, we will deal with such details as eCommerce store setup and ready-made solutions.

Will eCommerce Turn Out to be Our Future?

Nowadays, it is quicker than ever to purchase everything that your soul wants online. It takes people just a few clicks on their smartphone to order something and pay for the chosen products. Without a doubt, it is impossible to keep silent about the pandemic. It has only accelerated the rise of eCommerce, with sales expected to reach $5.02 billion by 2022.

There is no need to think that physical stores will disappear. However, customers desire a bigger assortment and more convenience. Since customer behavior is always changing, it is critical for businesses to stay up to date on the newest eCommerce trends. Product releases are no longer limited to the physical realm; the digital realm turns out to be more significant.

Top 10 eCommerce Store Setup Trends to Follow in 2022

1. eCommerce Goes Mobile

Mobile commerce revenues in the United States are predicted to more than increase in 2025. To stay competitive, your company needs to provide a smooth and compelling experience for those who use their mobile phones to shop. An excellent mobile experience will make clients return to your business and ensure your sales continue to increase in the years ahead. For this reason, it is better to think of adding such components as:

  • A mobile app
  • Push notifications
  • A mobile-friendly site
  • Mobile-optimized content

2. Video Content

Videos, like other types of content marketing, are an excellent way to sell your items and expand your customer base. Consider making and posting videos on social media as well as essential areas of your website, including:

  • Homepage
  • “About Us” page
  • Various product pages

There are multiple video types that can connect you with the audience and influence their purchasing decisions. As an example, you can turn to:

  • Unboxing videos
  • Tutorials
  • Guides

3. More Social Media

People are increasingly using social media to find new products and companies. So, it is not surprising that brands react as quickly as possible by posting more in their profiles. Social commerce revenues are expected to reach $79.6 billion by 2025, providing retailers with an additional sales and marketing channel.

What can you do to engage more potential clients on social media? It will be perfect if you consider:

  • Posting user-generated content to captivate followers
  • Collaborating with influencers to broaden your reach
  • Utilizing Livestream to highlight the newest items
  • Using paid advertising
  • Turning to in-app shopping capabilities to drive more sales

4. Marketplace and More Sales Channels

Consumers are increasingly gravitating to marketplaces, which include not only well-known and multipurpose variants (like Amazon and Walmart). They also decide to shop on different niche-specific websites. This demonstrates a change in purchasing tastes toward comfort and quickness provided by these markets. Rather than focusing only on one selling channel, it is possible to rely on the broad reach of popular marketplaces.

5. Multiple Payment Methods

During the checkout phase, customers should be ready to select the necessary payment method. Businesses that vary their payment systems are more likely to inspire trust and confidence, decrease cart abandonment, and encourage customers to spend more. During the checkout phase, customers should be ready to select the necessary payment method. There are different interest-free financing alternatives that will continue to grow. These are purchased now and pay later or one-click payment choices. Their popularity will continue to rise and appeal to online buyers seeking greater flexibility.

6. New Technologies (Especially Augmented Reality)

Businesses are likely to explore a variety of new technologies in 2022 to differentiate themselves from the competition. It is possible to name some of them here and now:

  • Product builders
  • 3D mapping
  • Product visualizers
  • Augmented reality

Thanks to them, clients can visualize, explore, and test the desired items online. This enhanced product merchandising aims at reproducing the experience that one can have offline.

7. More Personalized Sites

How can you make people return and boost your online store? There are several factors to consider, beginning with outstanding customer service. In addition to this, it is impossible to forget about personalization and individuality.  Choose a target audience and demonstrate expertise in what they actually seek. Then, establish your goals and construct an effective plan to meet their specific requirements. Finally, select a few instruments that will elevate the tailored approach to new heights. AI-powered platforms and omnichannel assistance are ready to assist you in achieving your goals.

8. Sustainability

Sustainability is not limited to eco-friendly companies and goods. More firms will embrace sustainable practices, including material adjustments and donations organizations that are concerned with sustainability. To connect with today’s mindful customers, guarantee that your values fit with those of your target customers. This alignment will increase trust and generate growth for your company.

9. Voice Assistants and Conversational Shopping

With voice eCommerce sales expected to reach $19.4 billion by 2023, businesses will continue to adopt voice shopping. As a result, customers can forget about any complications when it comes to buying the desired items. Conversational shopping allows you to communicate with customers in real-time. Consider experimenting with chat applications such as Facebook Messenger and speech technologies such as Alexa and Siri. These allow customers to interact with your company at a better level.

10. Optimization of the Buyer Journey

For many companies, eCommerce turned out to be their principal client buying channel. As a result, to stay competitive and get profits, merchants must examine and enhance every client touchpoint. Focus on the following details:

  • Enhancing your product search
  • Developing a simplified mobile experience
  • Delivering comprehensive product merchandising
  • Optimizing your delivery and return procedures

eCommerce Store Setup: Does It Take a Lot to Get a Professional Site?

As you can understand, the future of eCommerce is really optimistic. However, all the tasks you need to complete before entering this sphere might seem to be daunting. It necessitates hard effort, numerous activities, and critical decisions. We got used to the fact that today’s world offers a massive number of solutions, even to the most complicated problems. In this case, it is possible to turn to an eCommerce store setup service.

Unfortunately, not everyone has enough skills to launch an effective online store on their own. This eCommerce store setup service promises a ready-to-use, fully working, and SEO-optimized site in 5-8 business days. To cut a long story short, it includes the following benefits:

  • Installation of the template and its personalization
  • SEO optimization (up to six pages)
  • Content writing
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • 20 hours from the development team
  • Protection from malware and hackers
  • Personal manager

One of the best things about this eCommerce store setup service is the availability of free ready-made themes. Choose the most appropriate choice for your business from a large collection of WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Magento themes.

Now you are free to get familiar with some high-quality and multi-functional themes to choose something for your taste.

5 Shopify Themes to Get Together With eCommerce Store Setup Service

Craze – The Multishop Responsive Premium Shopify Theme

An effective instrument to launch a fashionable online business. Its package contains multiple layouts with varied layouts and colors. It is suitable for different niches that are in demand these days. These include electronics, furniture, computers, mobile, fashion, accessories, food, apparel, clothes, kitchen, jewelry.  Even if you do not know what code is, you can make a visually stunning website. You are also free to take advantage of a variety of banners and sliders to promote the greatest deals.

Main Features:

  • Blog module
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Multi-language support
  • Google Fonts

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Glossier – Multipurpose Sections Shopify Theme

There is no need to ask how to use Shopify themes. They come together with an uncomplicated nature and straightforward customization process. This one is not an exception. Presenting several beauty-related themes will be ideal in tandem with this lovely theme. In general, you have the option of selecting one of five demos. It features a fully-responsive design, allowing users to access the site from different modern devices. You may also use the blog module to talk more about your products or services. Make use of multilingual and multi-currency capabilities to attract a worldwide audience.

Main Features:

  • Product video integration
  • Social media sharing
  • Testimonials and team members
  • Gallery and lookbook
  • Product labels

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Sportix – Sports Store Shopify Theme

Do you want to find an effective choice that can captivate millions of people? It will provide your customers with an entirely new dynamic experience as well as a magnificent aesthetic. It has a horizontal menu that makes sure your audience will get uncomplicated navigation. Furthermore, you will have access to additional features such as a cloud-zoom with an image slider or a product slider. Highlighting the finest deals and trending goods is now a piece of cake thanks to them.

Main Features:

  • Product hover
  • Product quick view
  • Compare and wishlist
  • Filters
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support

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Motoclub – Auto Parts Store Shopify Theme

Motoclub is a powerful theme created exclusively for building eCommerce sites that sell automobile-related items. It offers a homepage that may be customized. You have the ability to add and reorganize a large number of components. Do not forget about the Shopify Visual Builder, which will walk you through the customization process. Moreover, other choices can provide your potential clients with a better user experience. Product wishlist and comparison, sophisticated product filters, and product quick view are examples of these.

Main Features:

  • Color editor
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Mega-menu
  • Contact page
  • Parallax effect

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Modish – Multipurpose Fashion Shoes Shopify Template

Modish is a unique and notable Shopify template that you can get within the eCommerce store setup service. It comes together with advanced options that will improve the user experience. These are stunning lookbook functionality, testimonials, newsletter subscription, and others. There is also a wishlist that allows remembering the most desired items. You are also free to take advantage of the mega-menu with banners to divide your assortment into blocks.

Main Features:

  • Refine search
  • Social share functionality
  • Google Fonts
  • Reviews
  • Product quick view

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A Few Words in Conclusion

More than ever before, shoppers will demand a smooth, efficient, and memorable shopping experience in 2022. Investing in the correct eCommerce trends will enable you to respond to these always shifting demands and tastes. To differentiate your company, assess which areas of eCommerce are expanding and where you can spend to provide better online experiences. Do not forget that there are also themes for Shopify free, with which you can start your online business. However, if you are ready to use the eCommerce store setup service, make sure to use our promo code “huratips”. It gives 7% OFF on the mentioned all-in-one store setup. Thanks for reading!

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