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Take advantage of niche events in November

November is the last full month of autumn and marks the start of the holiday season. View our November niche calendar for campaign inspiration beyond your typical pre-Christmas sales.

Increase profits during these niche events:

All month – “Movember” or “No-shave November”

Increase conversions with beard-friendly products

“Movember” started back in 2004 to bring awareness to men’s health issues. Men are encouraged to grow out a mustache to bring attention to the movement. Movember has turned into a very trendy event where men grow out their facial hair during the month of November.

Nov 7 – Diwali

Increase conversions for India’s largest holiday

Indians around the world celebrate Diwali, the Hindu “Festival of Lights” and most popular South Asian festival. From Los Angeles to New York City, festivities will include lanterns, food, and gifts. Your target audience in the U.S. can range from Indian-Americans to Hindu enthusiasts with a love for this festive holiday.

Nov 11 – Veterans Day

Sell to the millions of proud veterans and their families

Veterans Day is a time to honor those who served in the U.S. military. Friends, families, and veterans themselves are often very proud of their military service and can often feel ignored or unappreciated. Your products should be uplifting and bold to match the passion of U.S. veterans.

Nov 22 – Thanksgiving Day

Increase profits with thankful, festive campaigns

Thanksgiving Day is a national U.S. holiday and is a time to give thanks, share food, watch football, and participate in parades. Thanksgiving acts more like a niche retail holiday, with less merchandise sales compared to big holidays like Halloween and Christmas. However, you can take home some profits on quirky, fun, and wholesome Thanksgiving Day campaigns.

Call-to-action ideas for November events

Call-to-actions for Movember

  • Share some beard love this Movember. Buy now and get XX% off!
  • Celebrate No-Shave November the right way with this awesome shirt/hoodie/mug.
  • Shop now. Make this Movember one to remember. Awareness + facial hair = success

Call-to-actions for Diwali

  • Burst some crackers, light some Diyas! Celebrate Diwali in style with these unique gifts.
  • Missing home this Diwali? Get these special Diwali gifts to feel a little bit closer.
  • Show your love for your Indian friends by gifting them these perfect Diwali gifts.

Call-to-actions for Veterans Day

  • Shop Veterans designs. Give to those who gave it their all. Happy Veterans Day, 2018.
  • Purchase for that incredible Veteran who deserves recognition.
  • Buy now and boldly share your pride this Veteran’s Day.

Call-to-actions ideas for Thanksgiving Day

  • Get this adorable Thanksgiving Day look for your baby’s first Thanksgiving!
  • Buy now, just in time for Turkey Day! Gobble til you wobble in this amazing shirt/hoodie/etc.
  • For sale now. Who are you thankful for? Get the look and share the love this Thanksgiving.

Source: TeeChip’s Blog

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