Back-to-School Shopping: Big Season to Get Sales to the Next Level

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Along with the winter holidays, back-to-school is one of the top spending events in American. Back-to-school and back-to-college shoppers spend more than per household on items for the upcoming school year than consumers spend on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day combined.

The back-to-School and college Shopping season is in full swing, what should you do to catch this great change?

What is Back-to-School Shopping Season?

The back-to-school shopping season is a time when many parents and students shop for the upcoming school year. The United States, Canada and Europe typically return to school from early August to late August, while Australia and New Zealand typically return in February.

For most families, the back-to-school season starts before the beginning of term. The peak of back-to-school season is 3-4 weeks before the beginning of term, and the wave of consumption will continue until after the beginning of term.

In the U.S. back-to-school season, for example, 89 percent of consumers completed only half of their shopping lists by mid-july. Sellers get more chance due to a longer shopping periods.

According to students’ grade and consumption characteristics, they can be divided into K-12 (from Kindergarten to high school) and college students. In 2018, back-to-school and back-to-college spending reaches to $83.6 billion, among which back-to-college with the total of $55.3 billion takes most.

What is the Winning Products for Back-to-School Shopping Season?

Different from College students, k-12 students’ back-to-school season supplies are mostly purchased by their parents. And the shopping lists of these two types of students are also different. Different plans are needed if sellers are going to target both the two groups.

According to NRF statistics, for back-to-school shoppers, 73% needed to buy basic suppliers such as notebooks, pencils, 65% needed to buy clothings and 54% to shoes.

For back-to-college shoppers, 57% needed to buy school suppliers, 41% needed to buy clothings and many other items also take a good amont of the total percentage which should also be pay attention to.

To enrich your suppliers souces, a supplier list contains millions of high quantity products from China and other countries is provided.

How to Plan for Back-to-School Shopping Season?

Here are some suggestions for you If you have got any ideas about how to make a good preparations for the back-to-school shopping season. I am sure it will bring some insparations to perfect your plan.

1. Choosing and publishing back-to-school related niches two or three months earlier in advance

Some points I think should be kept in mind when selecting the winning products.

  • Back-to-school related
  • Support to be Shipped to American with ePacket (promise a quicker delivery)
  • Upward trend on Google trends and search volume on Google adwards

2. Marketing the items before the peak of sales season

Inserting hot and related elements brings you more organic traffics. Celebrity marketing is also necessary too. Many parents’ shopping now is influenced by their children’s preferences which are tied to the fashion celebrities they follow on Facebook, Instgram.

3. Optimizing niche and listings based on statistics analysis

Just keep testing niches and optimizing listing.

Back to school is an exciting and busy time of year for parents and kids of all ages. It should be a great chance to take sales to the next level. Need more ideas to get started for back to school? Welcome to leave any your thought under this post.

Source: ShopMaster

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