Apparelix Shopify Lingerie Store Theme

Apparelix Shopify Lingerie Store Theme

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Trading is increasingly moving online, lingerie is no exception. Many people do not want to spend time in stores, preferring to order the necessary goods online. A competent site with the necessary functionality is the best way to show the product face, get loyal customers. The fastest and easiest way to create a resource is to purchase a lingerie store theme.

Underwear is a beautifully designed template of a rare thematic orientation. The key theme of the template was female beauty and the sale of lingerie.


The design of the lingerie store theme is made in light tones, patchy colors prevail here. Such a template clearly restricts users in the subject, and it is best to create sites on women’s topics: clothes, accessories, bags, cosmetics, and more. Template settings that are as simple as possible, you do not need to go into complex branching structures and parameters.

The main advantages of the Shopify solution are simplicity, adaptability for beginners, mobile and SEO optimization, as well as support for the most advanced e-commerce functions.. They will allow anyone with a minimum of effort and zero knowledge in the field of web development to create a store himself literally in an hour.

The theme fully meets the modern requirements for web development, has good feedback and ratings from users. This is the best design for your online store.

Despite its name, the lingerie store theme is suitable for both the sex shop and the store, which sells stylish and seductive underwear. If you want to attract the attention of your customers with a stylish model in a modern style, then there is simply no better theme than lingerie. It is easily customizable in a pair of clicks with the advanced Options Toolbar, built-in page designer, and shortcodes.

In the kit, you get an unlimited color palette. It also has various customizable widgets and contacts forms for quick communication with potential customers. Sticky cap for increased usability. There is a slider with a parallax effect.

This is a professional theme for creating a powerful store with a minimalist design. It uses the most popular designer, which will greatly simplify the task of developing a store. Many sliders and full compatibility with plugins will help you profitably present and promote your products for potential buyers. And due to the responsiveness of the layout, all users will know about you, from which devices they would not log in.

As for the store itself, it fully works on modern technologies, including filters, searches, and page numbering. Customers do not have to spend time going to a separate page when choosing the right item. This will increase conversion and increase sales. The topic also has the function of quickly viewing and displaying the item with an increase.

This is one of the best-specialized templates for the underwear store. It is distinguished from other topics by its flexible and simple configuration with a convenient user interface. Special tools allow you to customize your store design in real-time.

The theme has a simple and understandable structure that includes a home page, catalog, collections, product page, clientele, and contacts. This will allow you to create a full-fledged store. Any page can be duplicated and edited an unlimited number of times, you can also use not all pages, but only those that suit you.

The store on this template will allow customers to easily sort items according to several criteria, which will help them find the right products faster. There is a special widget for the carousel of ordinary, promotional, and new goods, as well as categories.

The theme code is written qualitatively and cleanly. It complies with all the recommendations of search engines, which will allow you to quickly and easily reach the top. Trust this decision if you want to achieve really serious results.

To ensure that your sales are always high, take care of the correct presentation of the item. The item page must contain comprehensive information about the item or service. The buyer should understand what for the goods, what qualities have, how to buy, make payment. Item Card Items:

  • image, possibly in different angles;
  • title, description;
  • video review (additional benefit);
  • price;
  • shopping cart or call-to-action button;
  • ability to leave feedback;
  • information on payment, delivery of goods, warranty terms.

In addition to the correct item description, you can calculate shipping costs automatically. Many payment systems are connected here, it is convenient to work with orders, so you get every opportunity to create a better store.

Your task, as a seller, is to establish feedback with the client. In addition to phones, e-mail, and fast messaging services, use online consultants in your work. This is an affordable service that has high-performance indicators.

Another way to increase sales of an online store is the “matching collateral” or “with this item looking.” If you sell a smartphone, offer the customer headphones, a case, or additional services. With this feature, you are guaranteed to increase the average purchase check.

If a visitor has visited your site but has not bought anything or left his cart, ask him to leave his e-mail in order to notify him about the availability of the goods or about the price reduction. So you not only get warm contact (because the buyer himself made the choice to leave contacts or not), but in the future, you can remind yourself, because prices and availability are constantly changing.

In fact, there are no clear rules on what qualities a selling online store should have. But there are tools, a kind of pillar of Internet marketing, without which a successful business in the network will be impossible. Experiment, do not be afraid to change the concept of work – many successful companies with a world name remain in demand not only thanks to the experience gained over the years but also the ability to adapt to changes.

Based on the lingerie store theme, you can build a high-quality, convenient site.

Timely technical support will help you resolve all issues related to setting up or running the site.

The task of the underwear store is to show products from the best side, to make the visitor want to purchase goods. Properly built from the point of view of design and UI/UX templates Shopify will help in business, increase sales due to aesthetics, and convenience of work. Just choose what you like and make your website.

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