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Lookbook is an awesome tool to keep your customers engaged with your products. It is a marketing tool and it is the perfect way to showcase your images and products to your customers.

These are the best Lookbook apps for Shopify in 2024:

1. Lookbook


This app is an easy-to-install and easy-to-configure app that allows your store to have as many lookbooks or online product catalogs as you like.

It helps you connect your lookbook to any page in your store without coding required.

With this app, you can customize the markers that display your products (on mouse over) and customize display info for each product (Title, Price, Image). You also can link markers to any product or URL. It supports a simple drag-and-drop interface to order the pages in each lookbook.

2. Lookbook ‑ Shop by Gallery


This app helps you embed a lookbook on any page and is fully customizable. It supports to the installation of multiple galleries on one page. It’s easy to move/reorder images. You can choose the location of the gallery and product tags or select the color of tags and buttons to suit your theme. You also can customize your gallery even further by optimizing your SEO with alt tags.

It’s easy to install. With one click, you can easily install your on any page and no coding is required.

All images are loaded from the CDN, hence faster loading of images.

3. Lookbook ‑ Shoppable Gallery


This app helps you create a lookbook by tagging your products on the lookbook image gallery.

This app supports uploading multiple images to your gallery with one single click. The bulk image upload feature saves time and allows you to set up your gallery quickly.

Your gallery and its design can be customized based on your store’s branding and colors. So you can customize your lookbook to your preference also requires no coding.

Your gallery is fully responsive to the device your shopper is using— desktop, iPad, and even mobile.

4. Nitro Lookbook


Nitro Lookbook allows you to create realistic lookbooks for your products. Your customers can buy products from Instagram images or any images. Help your customers to visualize what they purchase from you.

This app supports 5 lookbook types: Slider, Masonry, Flip, Draw, and Instagram powerful with shortcodes that add pages to your lookbook.

5. Spify Lookbook


Thanks to this app, you will able to:

Bring to your customers a product collection just with an image. In addition, Lookbook is an effective and interesting tool to give each item in the collection a separate tag to put their description. Therefore, your customers have a comprehensive look at the whole set of products as well as the individual items taking up that set

Create appealing combo packages to motivate customers to buy as many products as possible.

Find easily the product you want to attach by its SKU code. The search engine will help you find the attached product just by some keywords which help you save time effectively. Besides, the admin can edit the label of each pin (or the Product Price will be automatically assigned to the label) and change the position of the image popup upon the customer’s clicking on the icon. Therefore, the admin is able to pin that extra “note” anywhere suitable onto the image.

Use countless pinned points in the uploaded image with two kinds of pins: product detail and custom text as a note for your product or just a special thing you want to convey to customers.

The timer setting is a wonderful feature, that allows users to apply the time allowance to a lookbook. With this feature, store owners can use the admin role to set the start time and end time for the lookbook. The extension will make sure this lookbook or lookbook slider will only be displayed during this time. After this, the lookbook will be automatically disabled. In other words, great lookbook sliders for special occasions, such as Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving, with the exact available time, is totally possible without any help from extra developers. No more reminding yourself of enabling/disabling the lookbook! No complexity, no time-consuming, only just some clicks to make the difference.

Use the “Add all to cart” button to help your customers save time when they buy all products. Instead of clicking “buy now” several times, one-click “Add all” will put all simple products (without options) in the current lookbook or slider piece into the shopping cart.

Gather lookbooks easier as a smooth lookbook slider: A slider will contain all related lookbooks. And admin can choose which lookbook to be assigned to the slider. Our Lookbook will generate a slider with smooth automation and a beautiful effect which is available for the admin to create an impressive slider.

Operate configuration panel friendly: Configuration is divided into 2 main parts. General configurations will be applied to both the lookbook and slider items. Other is used for the only slider.

6. Lookbook Maker


Do you want to modify a PDF catalog, flyer, or brochure already produced instead of starting from scratch? This app can convert your PDF file into an online HTLM5 interactive catalog in one click! More than that, you can add “Shoppable” tags to the lookbook image where buyers can place an order on the spot.


  • Convert PDF file to digital lookbook
  • Add product tagging to drive traffic to your store
  • Design your own layout with custom resources
  • Accept orders inside the lookbook
  • Apply discount and custom pricing for VIP customers
  • Convert prices to multi currencies
  • Send out invoices automatically

7. Shoppable Fashion Galleries


This app is a set of tools created specifically for fashion retailers. Sell not just a product but a whole new look that anyone would want. All you have to do is just tag items in each eye-catching photo and share a link to your look. Link several looks to a lookbook and entice customers to buy more than one item.

It comes with a rich image editor, so you can create beautiful and powerful looks, with dozen of settings. When you first launch the product look editor you will see a guided tour that will take you through the basics of using the editor. It’s the easiest way to get started quickly with the editor.

8. Photo Gallery ‑ Image Gallery


This app allows you to create photo albums/image albums/video galleries and display them on a separate photo gallery page. You can also create Photo galleries/Image galleries/Video galleries/Lookbook galleries and attach them to specific products, collections, sections, or blogs. This app allows merchants to display images in attractive sliders.

With the help of this app, you can exhibit HD images of your products, events, recent project, and other happenings that compel users to take interest in your business. It’s an ideal tool for your store that offers a lightbox, multiple image upload, autoplay interval, and photo gallery block for optimum user experience.

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