The top best Shopify apps for creating order tracking page

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Some of the major aspects of the online business include pre-order fulfillment processes such as shipping rate calculation, inventory management, etc. However, what most of the online business owners don’t realize that the postorder aspects such as order tracking, plays a vital role in case of ecommerce websites. In such a competitive world, where neglecting a small factor can give businesses a competitive edge over you, you simply can’t afford to miss out on these aspects.

This article focuses on some of the best Shopify order tracking apps out there which can help you boost your online business.

1. Tracktor Order Tracking



  • Real-time integration with over 500 package carriers across the globe so your customers can see where their package is in real-time
  • Tracking happens on your store: customers enter their order number and email address to see their latest order status
  • Seamlessly blends into your store to match your brand
  • Responsive design for mobile and tablet shoppers
  • Add tracking links directly in your automated emails and Shopify customer notifications
  • Reduce the #1 support request, “Where’s my order?” by letting your customers help themselves
  • Works with hundreds of carriers across the globe

2. AfterShip ‑ Track & Notify


AfterShip is trusted by 30,000 Shopify and Shopify Plus sellers to engage customers and boost sales with a branded tracking experience.

With this app, you can build your own tracking page to include product marketing banner and Instagram image feeds to impress, engage and upsell your customers. It allows upload your logo and customize the color scheme to conform to your brand identity.

3. Tracking Genie


Tracking Genie automatically provides estimated delivery dates on each order, so the customer can always know when to expect it. Prevents a flood of emails and support inquiries Tracking Genie magically eliminates massive amounts of customers asking when they can expect their order.

4. Parcel Panel Order Tracking


ParcelPanel is a tracking app which helps you track all your Shopify orders and improve customers’ tracking experiences. This web-based app allows you to handle everything inside the Shopify: no redirection & no separated account/repeatedly log in. The one-step installation offers an unlimited degree of possibilities for tracking experiences.

5. Trackr



  • Real-time information from over 900 Couriers.
  • Seamless integration with your existing website.
  • Customers can find their order information themselves and get an email notification when the shipping status changes.
  • Possibility to customise delivery notification emails.
  • Tracking info translation service.

6. Trackiest ‑ Shipping Tracking


Trackiest – Shipping Tracking the detail:

  • Add a separate “Track Your Order” page for users to bookmark
  • Track shipments by order number and email, or tracking number
  • We enhance built-in Shopify feature to the range of 530+ couriers
  • Auto-updates on shipping status means no manual input
  • Track all orders or just ones that your customers looked for
  • Install in seconds – no coding, setup, or configuration required

7. Shipping Tracker by DevCloud


Shipping Tracker is a Shopify app to help track packages as they ship, send email and SMS, customize the tracking page.

8. Order Lookup


Order Lookup helps to reduce support requests by giving customers real-time order tracking information

Order Lookup adds an easy-to-use customer facing portal to your Shopify storefront. This allows customers to enter their email address and order number, empowering them to access their order information, in real time. Additionally, it includes any notes or tracking information you, the store owner, may have added.

This highly customizable app allows you to adjust display styles and output information and is offered in multiple languages but supports any language you choose.

9. Trackable ‑ Order Status


Trackable – Order Status is a simple tool that gives your customers the ability to view the summary of their orders as many times as they’d like. The app integrates with your store by acting as a separate page that Customers can visit within your site.

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  1. Prajwal Bisht says:

    I found your blog very interesting and very informative and I would like to add one more app i.e. Track Order and Notifications app by Shipway. It provides branded tracking pages with real-time tracking updates and status pushback in Shopify. Also, it supports partial shipment tracking with Whatsapp, Email & SMS delivery alerts which help in reducing unsuccessful attempts and RTO’s.

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