The Best Price Drop Alert Subscription Apps for Shopify

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Your customers might really like a product you’re selling, but are not ready yet or find the prices too high. In such situations, the Price Drop Alert gives you a second chance to get their attention.

These are the best Shopify Price Drop Alert Subscription Apps in 2024:

1. Price Drop FREE


This app offers shoppers a price drop email, via a “Watch this price” button on your store. Export email addresses to build your mailing list.

2. The Watchlyst ‑ Price Alerts


After you install this app, you don’t have to do anything else. Of course, you can customize the look of your button and match it with your website’s theme. However, the app adds the button for you, captures leads, monitors product prices, sends email alerts, all while you watch new orders come in and continue to achieve your sales goals.

3. Push Monkey ‑ Retention Tools


This is a Shopify app helps to push notifications for abandoned carts, price drop and stock. It will send web push notifications to your subscribers that follow products when that product is part of a discount or sale automatically.

4. Smart Push Marketing ‑ WebPush


This app provides web push notifications services and one of them being notifications to customers when their desirable items are on sale.

5. Notifier ‑ Smart Web Push


This app has a feature that helps you alerts customers with their interested items when a product’s price drop.

6. Alert Me! Price Alerts


Alert Me! Price Alerts allows customers to sign up to receive email notifications when you drop the price on a certain product. Once you’ve got the app installed, you don’t have to worry about anything! When you drop the price on a product, the app will automatically email all customers who have signed up for notifications for that product.

Have high demand products you’ll never drop the price on? You can turn off the sign-up form so it won’t show on those pages.

7. PushAlert ‑ Web Push


This app helps to bring customers back when your products are on sale at a reduced price to entice them in making a purchase with automated price-drop notifications.

8. Product Notify


Once you install the app on your site, a time periods button and target price show up on all the product detail pages. Customers click the button to open the form where they can enter their target price and email. The app monitors the product prices and compares it with customer target prices. As the prices update, same as the target of customer then automatically sent an email with a buy now button. You’ve made an extra sale, plus your customer is happy because they could buy the item at the desired price.

9. SMS, Email, Web Push ‑Firepush


Firepush is an all-in-one remarketing app covering four major channels in one single dashboard to help you reach your customers easily. Through automated email, web push, SMS and Messenger campaigns, Firepush helps to speed up your sales growth and retarget customers. And one of types of web pushes/SMS messages you can send is price drop messages

10. Announcement Bar + Web Push


The exclusive web push notification features help you provides price drop alert.

11. WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart


This app automatically pushes the notification to subscribers when a product drops price. End their hesitation, encourage the purchase.

12. Sticky Tools | 11 apps in one


This app allows the customer to easily set up a subscription for emails which alert him to a price drop on a chosen product. It also allows the customer to easily add a product with price drop subscription to shopping cart.

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