The Best Analytics Apps for Shopify

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Shopify Analytics Apps are among the most important additions you can make to your Shopify store.

At the very least, analytics apps tell you how many people are visiting your online store. That information is vital enough on its own but knowing it is the foundation of growing your website. Understanding who your viewers are and why they’re there is the key to growth.

With that in mind, here are the Shopify analytics apps you need to grow your online store.

  1. Conversific ‑ Store Analytics
  2. Google Analytics Assistant
  3. Better Reports
  4. Glew: Multichannel Analytics
  5. Yandex.Metrica Analytics
  6. Segments Analytics
  7. Hitsteps Analytics
  8. Customer and Store Analytics
  9. Report Pundit
  10. SavvyCube Analytics & Reports
  11. Google Analytics by Littledata
  12. Customer insights & analytics
  13. Analytics Buddy
  14. Essential Product Analytics
  15. Vantage Analytics
  16. Sensai Metrics

1. Conversific ‑ Store Analytics

Conversific is a new kind of analytics tool for Shopify that help you optimize your traffic and conversion, gather better data and grow online sales. Create your 100% free account in 1 minute (no technical skills required).

Store Analytics highlights:

  • Google Analytics made easy: The app hand-picked the most important ecommerce metrics for each report and made stunning and effortless onepagers. Everything you need to make the best decision on one page, with all the context you need.
  • Order analytics: analyze orders coming from each sales channel, including Amazon, Facebook Store, Instagram, Ebay, etc.
  • Benchmark against your peers – Access industry benchmarks to see how your site compares to competitors, including stats on revenue, conversions, bounce rates and site performance. Benchmark data is much more reliable than Google Analytics.
  • Marketing & Conversion Insights – You’ll have a direct look at the marketing channels (including Facebook, Instagram) working best for you so that you can crush your ROI reports. Data coming directly from Google Analytics.
  • Product Insights – Conversific will show you which products and categories should be featured, which products aren’t pulling their weight, and which products would benefit from being packaged together (including Amazon, eBay, etc. orders).
  • Weekly & Monthly Reports – This app sending a cool weekly report based on your dashboard so you can be up to date with the most important numbers of your store even while you’re sipping margaritas on the beach! No need to login to Google Analytics each day.
  • To-do List – Actionable tips based on your metrics and reports to improve conversions will help you grow your business much more than those platforms just collecting data.

2. Google Analytics Assistant

Google Analytics is an extremely valuable ally when setting your store up to best serve your market. The insights it provides contains a wealth of information about your site, your visitors and where they came from. All this information can be used to find new customers and increase conversions.

Having a correctly configured Google Analytics account for your Shopify store means that you can have confidence in the reports and numbers inside Google Analytics.

This app helps you configure your Google Analytics account in just minutes. Fast, correct and automatic.

3. Better Reports

Better Reports gives you instant access to reports for all functions of your store.

Main features

  • Build custom reports with a powerful drag and drop designer, or simply let us do it for you
  • Share reports by email, csv file or Google Sheet at specified frequency
  • Support for custom fields, created by you or other apps
  • Cost Of Goods / Profit / Inventory Valuation
  • Mutliple report types: table, matrix, bar chart, line chart, scatter plot
  • Segment, filter and sort by any field
  • Total and sub-totals
  • Top N per group (i.e. top 10 referring site per month)
  • Calculated fields with arbitrary expressions
  • Reports load quickly and are always up to date
  • Streamlined POS integration
  • Works on mobile, tablets and desktops
  • 60+ built-in reports

4. Glew: Multichannel Analytics

This app helps you see data from all the apps and tools you use – including Shopify, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge and more – in one place, for smarter, streamlined reporting, so you can identify opportunities, take action and see results – faster.

5. Yandex.Metrica Analytics

Yandex.Metrica is a free website traffic analytics service. It’s like Google Analytics with several additional unique features. Yandex.Metrica is the second largest web-analysis service in Europe. This is an app enabling you to easily connect your Shopify store to Yandex.Metrica service with no HTML changes.

6. Segments Analytics

Segments Analytics gives the modern brand immediate access to enterprise-grade analytics and segmentation. Savvy merchants know that generic metrics and email blasts are no longer sufficient in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace. Created by former data scientists from Linkedin, Segments helps brands uncover hidden insights and take action to grow their business.

7. Hitsteps Analytics

Hitsteps visitor web analytics allows you to view your visitors stream and follow each visitors to know more about each products they look at. It allow you to engage with your visitors using live chat tool. You’ll be provided with detailed information about each visitor such as geolocation, their first visit on your site, referrer to your site, their browser, OS and device and much more!

It includes but not limited to Detailed information of each and all visitors, ability to engage with visitors using live chat tool, heatmap for each pages, carefully pre-generated and categorized reports, real-time analytics on all reports and much more…

Visitors will be tagged based on their activity such as adding items to the cart, viewing checkout page and completing checkout page. This triggers can show you a desktop notification, email or even send pageview history of your visitors to you upon their purchase so you know which website sent you that visitor in a glance.

Hitsteps offer following features:

  • Unique live dashboard: which show live web stats and live stream of your visitors
  • Visitor’s name tracking: their registration name can be assigned to their profile if agreed to GDPR law
  • View visitors in map: Conquer the globe by knowing which geographic area is your weakness at your report
  • Live chat: Chat with visitors feature and live support button
  • Realtime visitors website analytics and pages they visited: full detailed history of previous pages they’ve seen
  • Audible New Visitor Notification: Hear what’s happening
  • Top referrals and top keywords: Which website and which search keywords are sending you visitors?
  • Page Speed Meter: Is your shop pages loading fast for all of your visitors?
  • Daily email reports on site performance: Sit back and receive your daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Geo-location tracking: Our partner companies provide you with city, ISP and other relevant data about each visitor’s geo-location.
  • Goals and campaigns: Trigger goal reports
  • Web SEO Analytics: Report on search engines keywords
  • Page Analysis & Heatmap: Dynamic click heatmap on buttons
  • iPhone, iPad and Android supported: Cross browser and cross device support
  • Invisible tracking: No visible tracking icon or text on your website.
  • Multiple users and multiple sites support: Let your agents and employees handle your analytics reports.
  • Add-on for Firefox and Google Chrome: Keep track of your website visitors even when you are not in your dashboard
  • Try our free trial to prove: more features than Clicky, StatCounter, HiStats, Piwik, Woopra, MixPanel, GoSquared, ChartBeat or Google Analytics

8. Customer and Store Analytics

This app integrates with all your marketing and analytics tools – Shopify, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, Facebook and more with a single click. It then turns all your data into easy-to-understand, actionable reports to help you increase sales.

9. Report Pundit

With Report Pundit, you can:

  • Create any report from data in your store. Send automated email to supplier, accountant, fulfillment vendor, partner or management.
  • Build simple to complex Dashboards that track and analyze trends. Summarize data using row and column headings. View, filter and sort data instantly for any date range.
  • Create custom reports and dashboards that are unique to your store. Calculated fields is a powerful feature to create customized fields. For example, you can segment customers based on sales value or last purchased date or any other logic.
  • Connect Google Analytics and Facebook account to see the full journey from visitor to customer. Also, calculate the complete gross and net margin. Analyze customer journey to know which marketing strategies are working well. Marketing attribution reports.

10. SavvyCube Analytics & Reports

This app lets you instantly see how your ecommerce business is doing and empowers you to make data-driven decisions. Get insights that will help you make a better merchandising strategy, run a more effective marketing campaign, or can simply bring your focus to somethings that requires your immediate attention.

It aggregates and consolidates your sales data from Shopify and Magento, your marketing data from Google Analytics, and your fees data from Shopify and PayPal, providing you with a comprehensive view of your ecommerce businesses.

11. Google Analytics by Littledata

This app is smart script, connections and integrations automatically fix tracking for Shopify stores. And with accurate data through Google Analytics’ robust platform, you’re empowered to make better, more informed decisions for your store.

12. Customer insights & analytics

This app is known as a free app for any e-commerce stores that require to boost up revenue by holding your customers. The app can help you observe who the loyal customers are and figure out customers who are at more likely to leave. In addition, you are able to retain your customers and find out how the store can compare with the industrial benchmarks. The app can work with lots of e-commerce shop owners and they all need to concentrate on their vital task. In case you need to improve customer loyalty and profits, don’t forget that the app can help you with that. It is free for you to install the app and it takes about 12 months of history of orders to be automatically processed so that you can concentrate on the fields which can aid in increasing revenue.

13. Analytics Buddy

Analytics Buddy is an app for your online store that pulls data from your Google Analytics profile and displays it right inside your Shopify admin.

When you install Analytics Buddy it will check your Google Analytics profile for common setup and configuration issues. Google Analytics has many settings that have to be carefully configured to ensure you get the best data possible.

Once installed, Analytics Buddy will show you relevant information about each order you receive right inside your Shopify admin and you’ll get an email detailing:

  • Product views and Add to carts for each product.
  • Products your customer considered, but didn’t buy – ideal for upselling!
  • The hidden campaigns that provided assists for the order.

Analytics Buddy uncovers valuable information about your store that is hard to find and brings it right to you.

14. Essential Product Analytics

This is an app to easily view and review your most relevant product performance KPIs at a glance. Now you see normally hard to extract product data in a very intuitive and picture based crystal clear dashboard. It is a magnificent tool for everybody involved in e-commerce – from an intern to the CEO.

15. Vantage Analytics

From data to insight, Vantage Analytics will help you monitor the operation of your ecommerce store in real-time. With the simple click of a button all of your Shopify store’s data is delivered to you on your free dashboard. All of your data will be in one place, up to date, and easily accessible.

16. Sensai Metrics

This app analyze your data with different data science models to give you actionable insights and predictions that you can turn into sales right away.

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