How to add a chat room to your Shopify store

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To foster more real-time communication between visitor of your store chat rooms can come in handy. In this article describes how to add a chat room to your Shopify store with Minnit’s service


Minnit is a web tool that allows you to create a free chat to embed on your website or blog.

Step 1: Register account on Minnit 

Firstly, you must register an account on Minnit. You go to to register and it’s free.

Step 2: Create a new chat room

After having an account, you log into this account and go to to start create a new chat room.

Step 3: Customize config settings and get embed code of chat room

The creating process is completed, you will have a chat room.

You can click on to Chat Settings button to open setting page and you can view or modify configuration settings for your chat room.

Click on to Embed Your Chat button to get embed code.

Step 4: Add the chat room to your Shopify store

You can create an new page or open a liquid file to embed the code from Step 3 to add the chat room to your Shopify store.


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