8 Must-Have Apps For Your Florist Shopify Store

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Today, along with the rapid development of e-commerce, online business stores appear more and more. However, not every store owner has the knowledge of programming and design to build a truly impressive store and bring the best experience to their customers. If you want to design a professional florist website, fully integrated with great features, then this article will accompany you to do it. We will provide the necessary and free applications to make your business most effective.

Here are must-have apps for your Florist Shopify store in 2024:

1. Smart Search & Instant Search:

Smart Search & Instant Search by Searchanise power 12,000 eCommerce businesses worldwide and is trusted by top-performing brands including Philips, Boeing, Levi’s, Durex, Mediamarkt, National Geographic, Sennheiser, and many more.

By integrating this tool in your florist shop, it will help your customers feel cared about throughout their shopping process.. It provides quick relevant search results with Instant Search. The Instant Search Widget seamlessly integrates into your florist store’s search bar and is ready to use right after the first product catalog indexation is complete. As your customer starts typing the type of flower they want to search for in the search bar, the search drop-down menu populates with highly relevant product suggestions. That will not waste the customer’s time and help the customer decide quickly to choose the flower pattern they like.


2. Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots: 

Tidio uniquely merges live chat, Bots, and Marketing Automation to meet the expectations of the most demanding Shopify store owners.

By adding Tidio Chat to your florist store, you empower your customers with the quickest and most effective form of contact. Research shows that live chat can boost sales by as much as 40%. Next time your customer faces an issue, they won’t go to the competitors or waste time — they’ll contact you.

In case customers buy flowers from your store, they need to contact you directly and they ask you to demand immediate responses to their questions. Nobody can be available 24/7. Except for Bots, that is! Bots automatically reply to 43% of the most popular inquiries. Right after registering, with a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able to add Bots that will check product availability, inform about delivery status, and give the estimated delivery time. When faced with an issue, the Bot will transfer the conversation to an operator.


3. Order Delivery Date 

Order Delivery Date helps you make getting the package more real in the eyes of the customer, and make him more likely to buy, by allowing him to choose his custom delivery date for his order.

This is an indispensable feature for any florist shop. Most people buy flowers to give or buy on an important occasion, so letting customers choose the delivery date is essential.

Using this app, you can allow your customers to choose exactly when they want to receive their flowers while setting up delivery rules that would prevent customers from choosing times at which you can’t deliver. Delivery data is integrated into each order on Shopify, including notifications sent for each order created by the admin from the store’s back-end. By collecting delivery date data, you can also store this information for easy marketing of your florist store products in the future.


4. Track Order

This is a pretty important tool as well. This tool will help your customers feel more secure when buying flowers at your store. When your customers buy flowers, place an order, and pay, of course, they have the right to know the status of their order. Track order app allows tracking on your florist website by order tracking widget. It will notify your customers about their shipments via SMS and eMail and Whatsapp, customer notification on important delivery updates such as shipment picked, in transit, out of delivery, delivery issue, delivered, measure customer satisfaction using net promoter score, customer feedback on delivered orders. Besides, this tool also helps to reduce customer queries and improve user experience, reducing the post-buying experience for both customer and the merchant.


If you don’t want to use the app, you can refer to the article here to know how to create an Order Tracking page on Shopify for free manually.

5. Upsell Recommendations

Do you want to increase your florist store’s sales by cross-sells to boost order value, in other words, maximize order value throughout the sales process without a designer or developer? For example, when your customers buy flowers, they will want to buy other gifts to give to their loved ones – that is upsell.- That’s Upsell. Simple but effective. No need for your customers to go back through Checkout or re-enter any information, The personalized upsell & cross-sell recommendations are generated automatically, so you don’t even have to lift a finger. Just install this application, Upsell Recommendations will help you do that. 30,000+ Shopify stores have installed this upsell app across a wide range of industries – from clothing and fashion to machine tools and nutritional supplements. So, it will work for your florist store too. What are you waiting for?


6. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Before a visitor decides to make a purchase, beyond product price and appearance, the first thing they would care about other customer reviews. Let customers do marketing for your florist store. More customer reviews, more trust, higher conversions!

Loox is a fully-featured product review app that enables small and large brands to automatically collect customer reviews with photos and beautifully display happy customer content. Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants use our easy setup reviews app to boost trust, drive word of mouth and referrals, and increase customer retention and sales. Loox verified reviews and photo reviews are your greatest assets for increasing brand awareness and improving conversion rates.


7. Plug in SEO

This is a great app. While you have a lot of competition, this will be a tool to help your florist rank high on Google and other search engines and drive more traffic to your shop. Here are what you get when installing this app for your florist store: templates to edit meta titles & descriptions in bulk, Google search console (Webmaster Tool) integration, keyword Tool & Suggestions…


8. Hura Album

Product images are an important factor when you do business on electronic platforms. Especially for florist shops, pictures are indispensable, it helps you to show your flower designs, the more models, the more choices you give customers. But the problem is how to arrange images, videos by topic, a template to not only be beautiful, grab the attention of visitors but also easy to find. Hura Album app will help you do that.

Hura Album is designed to show your Facebook albums on your Shopify store. You can show the album on a page as a gallery or slideshow. You can show many galleries and slideshows or albums on one page. So you can create unlimited image or video galleries for your florist store and give your customers a fantastic experience. Let your customers know all the fine details when they open the image in a full-screen pop-up.


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