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When the customers are shopping for products online, they have a wide range of choices available. This actually leads to challenges in decision making when they are about to make a purchase. So they want to make sure they’re choosing the right product with the best features and price. The shop owner should have built the compare products feature for their online store. With this feature, the customers will be able to add different products side-by-side and compare their features before making a purchase. In this article, we will list out some of the best Shopify products compare apps that you can use on your Shopify store.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Products Compare Apps in 2024:

1. Product Compare


Your customers can use this feature from this app to compare similar products. A product comparison feature helps a customer match products with products of similar properties but different values.


  • Helps the customer choose the best product
  • Helps the customer choose discounted product
  • Give full information before purchase

2. Compare It!



  • Compare products in your store: Enable your clients to effortlessly compare products in your store using an easy to understand popup.
  • Exactly the way you want it: Change colors, labels and behavior to perfectly match your store with the easy to use control panel.
  • Metafields supported: You can choose to compare the metafields of your products

3. Product Differentiator



  • Customers can Compare Products.
  • Dedicated product comparison page.
  • Seamless Shopping Experience.
  • Admin can set features and default features for Product Comparison.
  • Admin can assign features to the Product.
  • Admin can categorize features.
  • Easily configured and user friendly.

4. CustomerMeta, Wishlist Compare


The app allow your customers to compare products: prices, options, vendors, types, etc… 

A product comparison feature helps a customer match products with products of similar properties but different values. This way, you help your customers find the right product for all their needs. This feature can really stoke your customers’ curiosity to understand the differences among the options available to them.


  • Wish list
  • Compare products
  • Guest mode
  • Merge guest lists after login
  • Top products report
  • Top customers report
  • Easy installation
  • JS API wrapper for customer’s meta fields. Allows your front-end developer to add additional information to customer metafields.

5. Quick Compare


This Shopify app will provide customers with the availability to compare products. Customers can see the added products for comparison in a Comparison popup, and they would Add to Cart which product they feel best among choices. Have a floating compare button always showing, they could open Comparison popup whenever. With the help of this useful extension, you can deliver a better user experience and increase conversion effectively.

6. Compare Products by Omega


Compare Products by Omega is the perfect app to create a comparison table on your store. Your customers can find the differences between products. You can compare product’s star reviews if you use our Products Reviews app.


  • Comparison table on product pages to compare product with similar products: Choose similar products of what you want to compare for each product.
  • 100% Mobile Friendly App: Customers who shop using their phones will see a phone or tablet optimized timer for Android or iOS.

7. Product Differentiator


With you app, the customer can compare the products of same collection on the basis of the features added and assigned to the product. This will help the customers make the right choice for the purchase.

What the Customers will get if you use the app:

  • Customers can Compare Products
  • Dedicated product comparison page
  • Seamless Shopping Experience

Features available to you as the Store Owner/Admin:

  • Admin can set features and default features for product comparison
  • Admin can assign features to the product
  • Admin can categorize features
  • Easily configured and user friendly.

8. Product Comparify & Sell Boost


Once a customer comes to the compare page through the app, then customer does not have to change the page to compare another product, customer can stay on that page and select other products and compare.

This app also offer the product selection on the Compare page where customer can select collection wise product.

9. Comparable ‑ Compare Products


Comparable Products app allows your customers to compare products and choose the best one from them. The app saves your customers time by helping them to figure out the difference between products.

10. Quick Product Compare


With this app, the visitor only needs to compare products from the collection page and they can conveniently compare the different features present in the nifty slider. Once the choice is made, the customer can either add the product to cart or directly proceed to the checkout.


  • Easy Auto compare
  • Bulk import facility to Add multiple products against each product
  • Smart Search facility for selecting a product in Auto Compare
  • Facility to add and display custom fields for product
  • Facility to display products as a Compare drawer on the left
  • Color options in the CTA button
  • Customizable Button text
  • Install/Uninstall Guide

11. Elsner Product Compare


This app allows you to compare features of 2 products to make smart decisions.

With this app, your store visitors would be able to compare products for their convenience. They would love this feature as it helps them to make better decisions.

Some of the features of the app are discussed below:

For admin

  • The admin can also manage all text of the app button layout.
  • The admin can decide the fields to show during the comparison of the products.
  • The app is fully customizable and can be managed solely by the admin.
  • The admin can also add custom CSS design as per convenience.

For customers

  • Customers can add products to the cartlist.
  • Customers can compare products and their features.

12. Squadkin ‑ Product Compare


This app is for your Shopify store, it will help your store visitors to become customer by clearing their thoughts and allow them to compare product with there choice.

The Squadkin product compare app will help user to compare each and every product. Your customers can use this feature to compare similar products. Your customers will respect this facility and choose your store for all their future shopping. The convenience makes them come back for more.

By visiting their loved product and after adding to compare some of them, they will see some related product or recently viewed product below the product comparison list as cross products.

It will helps the merchant as cross selling products which will appear at the bottom of the product compression list.

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