7 Useful Prestashop Modules

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In this article, I’ll showcase the top 7 useful Prestashop Modules to save you time in managing the Prestashop store.

So, here we go:

Media Parallax

Main Feature: allows working with a media Parallax effect for both images and backgrounds in the most easy-to-use manner.

To make their online-project more exciting to browse, people decide to take advantage of different tools. One of the most widely-used ways to make it more visually-attractive is to add some smooth animation effects. For this reason, it would be right if you turned your attention to an impressive Parallax effect. We have chosen an advanced variant from the most popular PrestaShop modules to meet your needs.

Why do you need this module to create an eye-catching Parallax effect? First of all, it works for both images and background videos. Its fully-functional nature allows adding these elements to various parts of your website. In such a way, you can create a multi-layered effect that stands out from the crowd. As you can understand, there is no limit to your imagination. Moreover, you are free to make any changes your soul wants. As an example, it is possible to alter a layer motion direction, its speed, and position. As a result, you are going to get a unique effect that can impress the imagination.

We have already mentioned that you are free to create a multi-layered Parallax effect. It means that you can also add different types of layers. Among them, you are going to find a video layer, image layer, and text layer. Do not forget about the opportunity to save a video from YouTube as a layer.

In general, this module is very easy-to-use. It is not difficult to install it and make all the edits, even in the case you are not very familiar with programming.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $39.


Main Feature: allows starting posting creative and helpful posts connected with your business on your online-project.

Lots of website owners are looking for the most effective ways to increase their traffic. Many of them decide to build a professionally-looking and useful blog to meet the needs of their target audience. In such a way, they share some related details and assure people of trusting the company. If you have an interest in doing the same, you can take advantage of the powerful JX blog. Let us look through its central capabilities and understand how you can benefit from them.

The package includes a large number of options that allow creating a fully-functional blog. First of all, you are going to get a useful JX blog comment. Thanks to it, you can quickly show up and manage the comments to your blog posts. It is a crucial thing if you want to stay closer to your customers and find out more about their opinions.

There are also JX blog post products. Together with this excellent instrument, you can quickly unite the products with the posts related to them. Do you want to present the most engaging posts on the homepage? You can choose a set of the most widely-popular posts on your blog and show them, thanks to JX featured posts. As you can understand, these advanced options allow crafting a blog that catches attention. It does not matter what type of post you come up with. You can realize your ideas using a marvelous set of instruments and increase the number of viewers.

If you are looking for some ready-made solutions for attracting more customers to your business, you can check these 20 PrestaShop themes out.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $64.

One-Click Order

Main Feature: allows merchants to manage one-click orders in a flash.

An online-store, which provides the customers with the highest number of useful features, always manages to achieve success. Especially when a potential buyer wants to purchase the chosen items in minimum time. It is possible to take advantage of the relevant module crafted for this purpose. We are talking about a fully-fledged one-click order. Thanks to it, people can purchase your goods quickly and thus, adore your online-project.

Your buyers can minimize efforts spent on their shopping. A stunning one-click order allows skipping the registration process. In addition to this, they can forget about a time-consuming check-out and do this in one single click. People should be happy with a chance to simplify a procedure that consists of five steps to something user-friendly.

Some advanced settings allow making sure a one-click order meets your needs. You can choose the necessary types of information required from your potential customers. As an example, these include a phone number and other info you might have an interest in.

Among its additional features, we can mention multi-store support. You can install this module and use it for different online-stores that you manage. It is also fully-adaptive. If your customers want to make a purchase using their smartphones, it will not be a challenge for them.

As you can understand, your online-store might get a large number of spontaneous purchases. Without a doubt, it is an incredible thing that will have a positive impact on your business.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $45.

JX Advanced Filter

Main Feature: allows filtering items according to multiple parameters at once.

Some online stores have a large inventory of items. For this reason, it might be hard for all the visitors to find the desired products. It is possible to spend lots of time searching for the most suitable variant among thousands. Several PrestaShop plugins allow saving their time. We have decided to present an advanced module to filter different items. What are other advantageous options included in the package?

First of all, this module is compatible with all the PrestaShop. You are not going to have difficulties while working with it. It is effortless to install the module and make all the necessary edits. You will also get a fully-responsive design. In other words, it does not matter what device your visitors are going to use. They can filter all the items included in the collection using their smartphones too.

There is an unlimited number of search criteria to work with. You are free to use these options that are available in the online-store by default. Furthermore, you can create new ones after adding your items. Among the filter criteria, you are going to find the levels of categories, suppliers, attributes, features, manufacturers, and others. You can also create some connected filters. In such a way, the needed criteria become available after choosing another parameter. There is also the opportunity to select the filter criteria grid for the top page filter. In general, you can select the necessary filter type and parent filter, add the name, label, and description.

By the way, this module provides multilingual and multi-store support. It means that you can install this tool and take advantage of its benefits in terms of different online-stores.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $86.

Products Slider

Main Feature: allows creating product galleries and showcasing your offerings in the best possible light.

To get the highest number of customers, it is crucial to present your products and deals in an eye-catching way. Your product presentation requires to be not only well-organized but also visually-attractive. To achieve this goal, it is possible to turn to an impressive products slider. Together with this module, you are free to create various product galleries and display them directly on the homepage.

You can present an unlimited number of products using this products slider. Moreover, you can add different types of information in an incredible slideshow. You can choose from four methods of displaying the gallery. Each of them includes some individual settings and appearance. Among them, you are going to find a standard, list, grid, and full-width variant.

It takes nothing to integrate these sliders into the design. It does not matter whether you are very familiar with coding or not. You can efficiently work with the appearance of your slider and choose its position on your online-store. Keep in mind that you can use the output of any products to create a slider.

This module will also provide you with a fully-adaptable nature. People will get a chance to view your sliders and their content using both desktop and mobile devices. There is also multi-store support that you will find very useful. It is a crucial aspect for those people who own several online stores. As you can understand, the module is also compatible with all the PrestaShop standards. Your work with sliders is not going to be complicated.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $49.

Header Account

Main Feature: allows giving access to login and registration forms right in the header.

Many people do not want to spend lots of time signing up on the visited websites. If you want your visitors to get access to login and registration forms in the header, you can take advantage of this module. Thanks to it, customers are free to create an account or log in to the existing one in a drop-down box.

There are multiple ways to display your login and registration form on the online store. You can choose from three positions that include a website header, left column, and right column. It takes nothing to integrate this module into your design. It does not require having some expert programming skills. You will get an easy-to-use installation and customization.

People can also log in or register using the most popular social networks. These include Facebook, VK, and Google+. It is an excellent choice for those who do not want to come up with a username, password, and other details. By the way, they do not need to reload the page to proceed to browse your online store. Together with this Ajax form, people can continue looking through your products and purchasing them in a flash. It also has a fully-adaptive nature. People can quickly register and log in using their smartphones. 

Without a doubt, this header account module is compatible with all the PrestaShop standards. It is not going to be a challenge to enhance the functionality of your online-store using it.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $45.


Main Feature: allows marking your images with some hot points and linking them to your products.

A large number of online-stores require having such an option as a lookbook. As an example, it has the highest importance for such niches as fashion and furniture. As a result, it becomes possible to showcase the clothes on models. It is also the right decision to present your exclusive furniture in the interior and assure people of buying it. Thanks to this stunning lookbook module, it is effortless to attract more people to your items and turn your business into a brand.

First of all, you can advertise each item by creating a hot point on the image. In such a way, it is simple for your potential customers to choose the most appropriate variant. After clicking on the hotspot, people are going to see a pop-up window. It includes all the essential pieces of information about your product. These include an image, name, price, links to its page, and others.

This highly-functional module makes it possible to create a large number of eye-catching lookbooks and combine them into collections. It is an excellent idea, because many visitors, as an example, need to see how the chosen clothes will look on them.

If you include your product in the lookbook, people are going to know about it. When they visit a product page, the module will display a link to the lookbook. In general, you can choose from several types of display forms. After selecting the most suitable one, it takes nothing to customize it and add it to your online store. Keep in mind that this module has multi-support and allows using it on multiple online-stores.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $45.

Security Pack

Main Feature: allows improving your online-store security and protecting it from different kinds of danger.

We could speak about a wide range of tools for your online store, including a PrestaShop shipping module or PrestaShop SEO module. However, we decided to focus your attention on such an essential aspect as security. It is a crucial aspect that every online-store owner needs to take care about. The easiest way to do this is to choose this security pack module. What is so special about its options and how can you benefit from them?

Using this multi-functional module, it is easy to increase the safety of your online store. The package provides various types of protection that you will be happy to get. To start with, you will get a JX security panel module. It blocks the possibility of publishing content. This module also does not allow editing your URLs if one attempts to copy it. There is also a helpful JX security user module. Together with it, you can monitor the activity of the users on your online-store. In such way, you can quickly block them if you consider them to be dangerous. Do not forget to pay your attention to a JX security watermark module. It is perfect for signing watermarks automatically to the pictures. You can quickly bring protection for unique content.

Without a doubt, this module provides a user-friendly installation process. If you are not very good at programming, it will not be a challenge to work with this module and protect your online-store.

If you want to look through more advanced tools for this platform, you can take advantage of these 55+ best Prestashop modules and plugins.

How Much Does This Module Cost?

All of these options included in the module package will cost you $59.

In case we’ve missed any useful Prestashop module, please let us know in the comments below 🙂

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