How To Get $100 In Free TikTok Ads Credit For Your Shopify Store

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Dubbed “your favorite influencer’s favorite influencer”, Kerwin Frost is a man of many talents: comedian, entertainer, DJ, show host, style icon, and entrepreneur. And now he is working with Shopify to inspire the next generation of business owners from the creative class.

Shopify and Kerwin are unveiling a special bundle for young creatives and will roll out access to unique content, programming, and resources to unlock the entrepreneurs inside them and turn their side projects into side businesses.

How To Get $100 In Free TikTok Ads Credit For Your Shopify Store

This bundle will also offer:

1. Sign up for your free 3-day trial and enjoy the first month for just $1 then unlock special resources hand-picked by Kerwin

Start your free Shopify 3-day trial and enjoy your first month for just $1 by entering your email above. Use this time to get familiar with Shopify and begin your business journey.

Once you have signed up for Shopify, you’ll receive a “Welcome from Kerwin” email within about 1 hour that gives you access to special discounts from Printful and TikTok.

In addition to the special discounts, you will also receive links to resources designed to help you start a business – all hand-picked by Kerwin.

2. 30% off your first two orders with Printful

3. Spend $10, get $100 in TikTok advertising credits

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