Learn Marketing Online: A to Z Training Course Pack

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Marketing help your sales a boost. But you need the right strategy. If you don’t have experience. Don’t worry, I think you should join some course about marketing online. Here are some online marketing courses with good prices:

Internet Marketing Mastery Bundle: Email to SEO–Optimize Engagement in Every Channel with 12 Courses

  • 4 Courses: Social Media Marketing
  • 4 Courses: SEO & Video Marketing
  • Courses: Email Marketing & Growth Tactics

Price: $2,034 $29

Marketing Analytics Mastery Bundle: After 62 Hours of Learning Google Marketing Tools, Salesforce & Online Retailing Techniques, Your Career Opportunities Will Skyrocket

  • Part 1: Google Adwords (67 Lectures, 12 Hours)
  • Part 2: Google Analytics 101 (35 Lectures, 6 Hours)
  • Part 3: Google Charts (19 Lectures, 3 Hours)
  • Part 4: Learn Salesforce Step by Step (50 Lectures, 9 Hours)
  • Part 5: Visualforce Training (30 Lectures, 6 Hours)
  • Part 6: Conversion Rate Optimization & Analytics (10 Lectures, 2 Hours)
  • Part 7: Advanced CRO for Digital Marketing & Analytics (23 Lectures, 4 Hours)
  • Part 8: Online Retail Analytics Comprehensive Course (47 Lectures, 9 Hours)
  • Part 9: Visual Analytics Using Tableau Comprehensive Course (61 Lectures, 11 Hours)

Price: $2,700 $39

The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course: Monetize the World’s Biggest Social Network After These 26 Hours

This course will teach you how to profit from Facebook Ads, instead of throwing money at it carelessly. You’ll learn how to get a super low cost per click and nail down ways to generate recurring revenue every month.

Price: $199 $15

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Learn How to Harness the Marketing Power of the Internet & Score a Lucrative Career

This course will give you a high-level understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), conversion optimization, & more – all skills that will help you become a valuable asset to companies in a wide variety of industries.

Price: $58 $19

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