2B Launches Affiliate Program – Share Up to 90% Revenue For Partners

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Discover the affiliate program that 2B has just launched, providing an opportunity to increase income for those who are doing online businesses and providing services on the Shopify platform.

About 2B

2B I/O is a subsidiary of NTQ Solution – one of the leading outsourcing companies in Vietnam. NTQ Solution is a trusted IT consulting, services & solutions company empowering small, medium & large enterprises over the world to accelerate business performance. Established in 2011, NTQ Solution is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam with offices in Yokohama (Japan), Seoul (Korea), and Hong Kong with more than 800 software consultants.

Since 2020, 2B I/O has fully taken NTQ’s work in the field of e-commerce.

2B I/O has been delivering SaaS platforms and technology solutions in order to optimize e-commerce procedures. They have expertise in programming and marketing and have more than 8 years of experience working with e-commerce platforms, especially Shopify.

2B has 4 Shopify applications which are Super Watermarks, Super Effects, Super Reports and Super Embeds with an average rating of 4.7/5.0 from nearly 100 good reviews. And more wonderful apps to come.

2B I/O Affiliate Program

With the desire to spread the application to more users 2B launched an affiliate program to encourage people to refer to 2B’s application and receive a percentage of the commission. 2B shares 90% of the first month’s revenue to partners and customers referred by you (only keep 10% to pay taxes and transaction fees). You will share the first month’s profit with your referrals. If you get a 70% commission of the revenue, they will get a 20% discount when they join on a paid plan through your referral discount code.

Signing up to become a partner is also very simple. After you complete the Affiliate Application form, we will get in touch as soon as possible and provide you with an affiliate discount code that you can recommend on social posts, emails, websites, webinars, and any of your other potential channels.

During the cooperation process, the two sides will keep in touch via email to exchange necessary information. We can provide you with detailed information about the application, its salient features, the value it brings to the user,… and all other information that you deem necessary.

Earnings collected over the previous month are paid out to partners on the first day of the month. All payments are made on time via PayPal.

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