The Dos and Don’ts of Dropshipping Products Ads To Not Violate Facebook Ads Policies

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There are the tips to help you are not violating Facebook ads policies when running ads campaigns for the dropshipping products. Let’s begin.


The following ad advertises a piece of jewelry, and more often than not, you won’t have issues with this kind of product. However, the problem with this ad is that it states that the customer will buy a diamond, which is deceptive and falls into the misleading claims policy. To fix this, make sure you specify the material in your ad or in the product’s description to avoid confusion. Also, we advise double-checking that the product’s price and the material it claims to be of are consistent with other similar products online. For example, if the price for a silver ring is $7, that is a clear indication that the listing is false.

Medical Products

The following ad shows an in-home column stretcher cataloged as a medical device, so you can see why this is a tricky product to advertise. The first ad version describes a specific result a user would get from the item, but this is not factual, so this may fall into the misleading claims policy. To solve this, just stay within the range of general statements, or you can even use real customer reviews to highlight the very best attributes of the product while being truthful.

Popular characters

Next, we’ll look at this ad that displays a character’s costume that belongs to a third party; in other words, this ad would fall into copyright infringement. To prevent your ad from being rejected, avoid mentioning the character’s name and showing a picture of it. Instead, we advise showing a picture or mockup of a real person wearing the costume.

Handmade products

In the following ad, we have a door hanger that looks like it wouldn’t have a problem. Still, after some research, you’ll find this product is originally handmade and belongs to an Etsy shop. We advise you to make a reverse search image in Google or Yandex to ensure the Aliexpress seller is not using copyrighted images that will ultimately end up in your online store and later on ads.

These are only a few examples of different product categories that may be tricky to advertise on Facebook. We hope you have learned a little bit more about policies and do’s and don’ts.

Source: Chipchip’s Blog

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