Important Product Page Elements That Boost Your Sales

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E-commerce is growing day by day, along with fierce competition between businesses. In addition to finding new business strategies and the best customer care policies, attracting customers through the business’s sales page is still the top factor that businesses are interested in. When your website is really impressive, the products attract the eyes of customers, then you have the opportunity to turn visitors into customers (or in other words, the rate of customers). From there, your sales will have significant changes. Now, let’s take a look at the important factors that contribute to attracting customers to your business’s sales page.

1. Captivating product descriptions

The product description is a piece of marketing that explains what the product is and why it’s worth buying. In other words, product description means that you introduce complete information about the product to your customers such as their quality characteristics, functions, benefits, origin to make customers believe. ideas and make decisions to buy your product. A good description, short but full of information will attract the brand’s customers in the fastest way. However, you need to describe it accurately, so that you can gain the trust of customers.

Attracting users to your sales website is not easy, so convincing them to buy your product is even more difficult. Therefore, write the product description so that it is very attractive, it is an opportunity to get customers.

2. A photo or video experience

If the article content, the content page only includes text and text, it will be boring for customers, especially for sales websites. Therefore, to achieve high efficiency in impressing customers, it is best to insert more images and videos to increase color and vividness. What’s more, by adding images, you’re also giving your customers a more visual look at your products, providing a more realistic experience for your customers. However, before attaching product images, you need to check that the images are in the correct format and size for search engine optimization.

3. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

An FAQ is a “Frequently Asked Questions” page and an FAQ page commonly found on websites that allow users to ask and answer questions in the form of an open forum. An FAQ page is usually updated regularly. Every time you get a new question from a customer, you should decide if it’s a question other customers might be wondering about and will help other customers. You need to make sure you answer questions clearly and take the opportunity to connect with your customers and represent your business and brand.

Frequently asked question pages are also used as an essential tool of navigation because each question can be linked to a product, service, or related page on your web system for navigation. visitors to related content or solutions. Through FAQ, besides answering all questions for customers, you will build trust for your customers and show interest in customer questions. It is also a way to make a good impression on your customers.

4. Authentic ratings and reviews

Customers will be the most accurate promoters of your products. Therefore, when your products get many good reviews, do not hesitate to show them on your website. Showing these reviews will make other visitors have good faith in your product and will help them make faster decisions when they are still in doubt. Moreover, by looking at customer reviews, you can also know what advantages your product has in the eyes of customers to continue to develop and overcome the bad points so that your product you are getting better and better.

5. Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are the best way to increase sales through upselling and cross-selling activities. When a customer buys a product, related products will be suggested so that the customer can choose to buy it together. The main purpose of this activity is to create convenience for customers. provide a great shopping experience for them, helping them to feel more benefited by the bundled deals. Besides, the display of related products also shows customers the diversity and richness in the products that your business is doing business in.

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