Comparing Shopify Pricing Plans For Different Regions/Countries

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Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms available today where you can start turning your business idea into reality. Shopify provides all the necessary tools for you to set up and operate your online store easily. Because of the great value it brings, the number of users is constantly increasing over the years and it is always the first choice of many people when starting their business.

However, before embarking on designing the store interface or researching the right features to integrate for your store, there is a problem many store owners are interested in, that is, how many pricing plans Shopify has and what is the price of each plan, is there any difference in price in each country? This is a necessary and mandatory thing for store owners to consider and choose because when choosing a package with the right price, new store owners save costs and maximize profits for their business. This article will list the prices of different plans and compare the prices of plans in each different country so you can consider and choose.

Shopify has five different pricing plans for businesses to choose from. Shopify Starter is $5/month, Basic is $29/month, Shopify is $79/month, Advanced is $299/month, and Shopify Plus starts at $2,000/month. However, the price of the plans will be different in each different country region.

Here is a comparison table of different pricing plans per month for businesses to choose from if you are a beginner or you want to expand your business in different countries:

Australia$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
Belgium5 EUR24 EUR69 EUR289 EUR
Brazil$5 USD$14 USD$39 USD$299 USD
Canada (English)$7 CAD$38 CAD$99 CAD$389 CAD
Canada (French)$7 CAD$38 CAD$99 CAD$389 CAD
Colombia$5 USD$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Denmark$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
Deutschland5 EUR27 EUR79 EUR289 EUR
Spain5 EUR27 EUR79 EUR289 EUR
Spain (Intl.)$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
France5 EUR27 EUR79 EUR289 EUR
Hong Kong SAR$5 USD$25 USD$69 USD$299 USD
Indonesia$5 USD$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Ireland5 EUR24 EUR69 EUR289 EUR
Italia5 EUR21 EUR59 EUR289 EUR
Malaysia$5 USD$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Mexico$5 USD$14 USD$39 USD$299 USD
Netherlands5 EUR21 EUR59 EUR289 EUR
New Zealand$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
Nigeria$5 USD$24 USD$69 USD$299 USD
Norway (English)$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
Philippines$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Singapore$7 SGD$29 SGD$99 SGD$399 SGD
South Africa$5 USD$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Sweden$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
USA$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
United Kingdom£5 GBP£19 GBP£49 GBP£259 GBP
Vietnam$5 USD$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
China$20 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Hong Kong$5 USD$25 USD$69 USD$299 USD
Taiwan$5 USD$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Japan$5 USD$25 USD$69 USD$299 USD
China (Intl.)$5 USD$29 USD$79 USD$299 USD
Korean$5 USD$19 USD$49 USD$299 USD
Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide
Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

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