9 Hot Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2020

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No matter you are a starter or en experienced drop shipper, finding potential goods always be the first thing to success. If you are wondering what you should dropship or looking for hot-selling products, we’ve got you covered.

Before we talk about the list of hot-selling products, we’d like to show you some common factors you should consider when finding the potential items:

Retail Price

Retail price and wholesale price are the key factors you should consider. As a dropshipper, your profits come from the difference between retail price and wholesale price. Usually, as a matter of fact, low price products may stimulate consumption but make a litter for each product. And hight price products are not easy to sell but make more profits for each product.

So it is key to find a balanced price that can meet you and your customers’ expectations. Generally speaking, the profit of dropshipping kept at 15-45%. To reach this, keeping your retail price at the range between $50-100 is better.

Dimensions & Weight

The fees of package and shipping differ based on manpower and material resources. Of course, the fees are low when the product with small size and light weight. You get more profits as a result of it.

Products with big size may have good profits, but you are suggested to start with small size products if you are not so much experienced.

Cross-bundle Products

Sell cross-bundle products can encourage customers to purchase more. When you find a niche, try to think about what are the other products that can be sold together with.

It is important for you to think about this point as the profits margin is more considerable. Set profit of the main product at 10-15% which is lower so that to stimulate consumption. And set the bundle products with higher profits to make up with the missed profits of the main products.

There are many other factors you should consider when selecting a good product. Below is a list of hot-selling dropshipping products that fit the conditions well.

1. Plus size clothing

It is reported that there are more than 2 billion people overweighted in 2017, and the number is still increasing. When most sellers focus on the ordinary fashion field, you should find a different way to go. Plus size clothing is a good choice to get started with.

Plus size clothing can be the main niche that your store focuses on. Also. you can add such kind of items to your store if you are already sell fashion products to meet the different demands of the customers.

As the analysis of Google trends, keywords of “plus size” kept an upward trending since 2004.

To get more traffics to your store, you can promote in these ways:

  • Put keywords such as “plus size dress”, “plus sized clothing” to optimize products descriptions
  • Make some pictures, videos, articles to love their body

2. Artificial Hair

Artificial hair is one of the best selling products on AliExpress. Thousands of sales received each day for top-rated stores that sell wigs.

Keywords of “artificial hair” show upward trending. But keep in mind that Shopify forbids to sell real hair. You need to source some synthetic lace wigs to sell if you are interested in this niche.

To get more sales, you can make some videos about how to wear wigs or how to trim and dye wig on Youtube. Besides, cooperate with the celebrations and let them ware wigs sold on your store in their video. You can easily get sales in this way.

3. Selfie Drones

The selfie drone market has taken off in recent years. The demand for selfie drones is growing.

According to the report, by 2020, the selfie drone industry is expected to $127 billion. As can be seen from the Google trends data, selfie drones were not so hot until 2017.

You need to figure out who the target audience is before getting into this market.

You can target at young people who love to take selfie. Promote with some elegant pictures took by selfie drones can attract many’s attention.

You can target children. Dropship drone toy and show them how cool it is to play the drone in the air.

You can also target specialized fields to those who need selfie drones to make them work better. Such as monitor, weddings or commercial projects, etc.

4. Bamboo Toothbrush

If you want to start with a new product, then you can try bamboo toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrush gets popular as the plastic toothbrush not biodegradable, environmentally unfriendly.

As it can be seen from Google trends, there has been an upward trend of Bamboo toothbrush since 2018.

You can start with a niche store of bamboo toothbrushes or bamboo products. This product is good to be packaged to sell which generate great profits.

5. Fake Flower

Fake flowers can be used for special occasions such as weddings, and can also be used for home decoration. In the wedding industry, more and more people choose to use fake flowers to save costs.

You don’t need to worry the flower withered during the transportation. It’s best to sell silk flowers because they look most like real flowers and make the environment look stylish.

You can promote the wedding flower on Pinterest because Pinterest’s wedding market is very large, that is, a large number of people will find wedding products on Pinterest.

6. Matcha Tea

As a market segment under the tea market, matcha is very popular because of its rich nutrition. Matcha powder has many uses, such as making tea and making desserts. According to the Google trend, the overall trend of matcha has been rising since 2004.

7. Car Diffuser

Car diffuser becomes popular since 2016. Young people aged between 20-30 are the targeted audience.

This product is very suitable for dropshipping due to small size and light weight.

8. Workout Gear

Workout gear is very popular in winter especially between December to January.


The reason because a lot of people at the beginning of a new set fitness goals for themselves, which is why they want to buy new fitness equipment.

9. Reusable Bag

Many countries have banned the use of disposable plastic bags due to plastic waste pollution. People are becoming more aware of how their habits affect the world.

Clear in mind what to sell now?

Happy dropshipping.

Source: ShopMaster

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