Lava Java- Shopify Coffee Shop Theme for Barista

Lava Java- Shopify Coffee Shop Theme for Barista

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The Lava Java theme will allow you to:

  • Download an unlimited number of categories and items.
  • Use any channels to promote: contextual advertising, social networks, and so on.
  • Automate your business and make it more convenient.
  • The topic takes into account everything that is necessary for a full-fledged store. We have prepared fresh and interesting solutions to make your work more effective.

The home page will allow you to create a full-fledged shop window. Tell us who you are and what you can do for yourself. Here you can place items from the main categories of your site, new receipts, and best sellers. It is very convenient that you can see feedback about your store and subscribe to the newsletter. These are the main tools that influence attention and keep visitors interested.

You can easily sort and display items. It is possible to set various filters: for the price, brand, and other characteristics. Each item appears on a separate page where you can post a detailed description, features, and feedback. Customers can use a one-click purchase or add their favorite items to their wish list.

In general, with such large functional capabilities of the topic, it is characterized by simplicity and high usability. Modern design can be adapted to your corporate color and style. By filling the site with unique content and professional photos, you also make it unique – this will appear well in the promotion of the site in the future.

In addition to the main item (tea or coffee), you can sell gift kits, dishes, and other accessories useful to your customers. This will allow you to increase the average check and increase customer loyalty. Convenient sorting of goods by categories will allow visitors to quickly find the right product.

The structure of the site should be simple, clear, understandable. Make sure to make the sections “About the company” in the menu (there you write your mission and brand concept), “Terms of ordering” (explain in detail how ordering, payment, delivery), “Sales hits” (collect in this section the best-selling varieties or those that you want to sell as quickly as possible), “Promotions and sales” (even if you sell elite expensive varieties, the consumer is always pleased to save!). Blocks of questions-answers, blog articles, and, of course, contacts of online store employees will also not be superfluous.

The main recommendation that many users forget about is the need to periodically update the content. You must set the refresh rate yourself. Keep in mind that information posted on the site may become obsolete, become irrelevant. It is also important to periodically update the assortment (possibly depending on the season or in relation to the holidays). Fresh content positively affects indexing and behavioral factors, attracts the target audience well. Try to offer users the most interesting, sought-after, and up-to-date information – so you will make the promotion of your store more effective.



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