Advanced Collections Shopify App Integration

Advanced Collections is a Shopify app developed by Voidworks with rating: 4.3/5 based on 13 reviews. This Shopify app helps to increase your customers' buying confidence and boost sales.

About Advanced Collections:

Advanced Collections boosts productivity and allows you to create the exact collection you need for your online store. No longer limited to Shopify's default settings, you gain more ways to create and sort store collections.

Create collections with advanced conditions

  • Start creating a collection by selecting smart/automated collections or select specific conditions
  • Multiple ways to create a collection through 'include', 'exclude' and 'filter' conditions

Set Include or Exclude Tags

  • Include or exclude tags that 'start with', 'end with' or 'contains' specific keywords
  • Useful for creating a non-sale collection and creating a discount code that only applies to products that are not on sale
  • Perfect companion for Launchpad for scheduling a collection discount
  • Use in creative ways like excluding allergens for a collection of food products

Set 'Price' is lower than 'Compare At Price'

  • Include or exclude products if the product 'Price' is lower than 'Compare At Price'
  • Select discount range condition to include or exclude
  • Good for creating collections that are on sale, or collections that are not on sale that you apply discount codes to
  • Handles the default case where 'Compare At Price' is blank or 0 as well

Set Date condition

  • Include or exclude products based on selected dates
  • Select number of days that are within or more than your 'Updated Date', 'Published Date' and 'Created Dates'

Set Inventory condition

  • Include or exclude products based on total inventory quantities or any variant quantity

Additional Sorting Methods

  • Sort according to 'Published Date', 'Updated Date', 'Discount Percentage' and 'Discount Amount'
  • More control over deciding what is actually new, while saving you the hassle from manually sorting the collections

Push 'Out of Stock' items to the back

  • Push 'Out of Stock' items to the back based on multiple inventory locations you choose or overall inventory

Auto Create Collections

  • Create collections based on your existing tags
  • Useful for creating collections from multiple vendor/brand tags

Support and Feedback

Feel free to contact us if you need any help or if you have any ideas for improving your productivity with regards to collections in Shopify. We are always on the lookout for new ideas to serve you better!

Most of the apps on Shopify's app store are relatively easy to integrate. And so is this Shopify app.

How to install Advanced Collections app?

To install the app, you simply need to go to Shopify App Store and find this app with keyword Advanced Collections. After that you must click onto Add app to, type your store URL and the app will get installed upon confirmation.

How to uninstall Advanced Collections app?

To uninstall the app, you simply need to go to, find to Advanced Collections app and click the garbage can to uninstall this app.

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