Actify Shopify App Integration

Actify is a Shopify app developed by SocialCities s.r.l. with rating: 5.0/5 based on 1 reviews. This Shopify app helps to increase your customers' buying confidence and boost sales.

About Actify:

Never code another Active Campaign field mapping rule ever again. Actify automatically updates your tags for every campaign with a single click.

A click anywhere on your cart represents a single entry point into your store. Custom fields allow you to track every single detail of each purchase–without disrupting the checkout experience.

Actify makes it easy to insert custom fields into your Shopify dashboard, where they’re easy to see and update on the fly; synced automatically with Active Campaign.

Active Campaign users have thousands of ways to customize their email marketing – but only for their campaign subscribers. With Actify, now you can bring custom fields to your store visitors, too!

Customers who complete their orders with Actify are proving their interest in your products, which just might help you sell more stuff.

Add dynamic product detail pages that reflect individual customer preferences – today!

What is Actify?

Actify is a Shopify app made to allow you to synchronize your Shopify shop customers fields into your Active Campaign contacts fields. You can select which fields you want to sync!

Every time a customer is created or updated in your shop, the custom fields will be updated on your Active Campaign. You will be able to choose which fields to map.


Our Actify app has 2 main sections:


In this section you will be able to:

  1. Set your Active Campaign URL and API key;
  2. Subscribe to the app selecting the plan preferred.

Custom field manager

In this section you will be able to set your preferences for the Shopify customer's fields you would like to export on Active Campaign.

There are 3 Shopify fields available:

  1. Accepted_marketing: Synchronize the newsletter acceptation by your customers in order to achieve the GDPR compliance;

  2. Origin: Create an Active Campaign Field which track from what shop your customer comes from - usefull in case you have more that one shops and just one Active Campaign;

  3. Birthday: Synchronize customers' birthday if you have any plugin installed that makes so on Shopify.

Plus: all the Shopify customer's tags setup by you! Take your store to the next level by customizing fields in your Active Campaign emails.

Most of the apps on Shopify's app store are relatively easy to integrate. And so is this Shopify app.

How to install Actify app?

To install the app, you simply need to go to Shopify App Store and find this app with keyword Actify. After that you must click onto Add app to, type your store URL and the app will get installed upon confirmation.

How to uninstall Actify app?

To uninstall the app, you simply need to go to, find to Actify app and click the garbage can to uninstall this app.

If you have difficulty installing the Actify app or want advanced customization then Hura Apps team - a Shopify expert is right here to help you set up for your success in no time.

We'll help you install and set up the app you want from scratch to a completely working structure that is ready to use for you.

We support:

  • Safely install/uninstall Actify app
  • Integration with any Shopify theme as per specification
  • Configurations & setup
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues

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