360 Product Photography Shopify App Integration

360 Product Photography

Easy & Fast 360 product photography App. No hardware needed.

Developer: Glo3D



360 Product Photography is a Shopify app developed by Glo3D with rating: 2.4/5 based on 3 reviews. This Shopify app helps to increase your customers' buying confidence and boost sales.

About 360 Product Photography:

360 Product Photography for everyone!

What you are about to experience, used to be ONLY available to large corporations. Now we are making it significantly easier, faster and more affordable.

Combination of this 360 Product Photography Shopify app and Glo3D mobile/desktop app, offers an end to end solution, to capture, edit, share and add 360° spin image of any product to your website and online store in under 2 min, NO HARDWARE IS NECESSARY and No kidding.

To get more information about Glo3D platform, Visit our website at Glo3Dapp.com or email us at [email protected]

How it works?

  1. Download the "Glo3D" mobile app from the app store or google play and sign up. It is FREE for unlimited capture, but at any point, you can keep a maximum of 3 photos under the free account. For DSLR cameras, download the Desktop App from MAC app store or Windows app store.

  2. Install the Glo3D app in Shopify.

  3. Capture a 360 spin image of your product using the mobile or desktop app. NO HARDWARE IS NEEDED.

  4. For the best result, we recommend a tripod, any motorized or non-motorized turntable and proper lighting. You can purchase any of these items from our online store (yes we are using Shopify) at Glo3Dstore.net.

  5. Copy/Paste the URL to Glo3D Shopify application. The 360° photo of your product will automatically show beside your other 2D images. Watch tutorial videos on our YouTube channel or website.

If for any reason the app is not compatible with your Shopify Theme or if you have any additional questions or comments, please contact us at [email protected]

Why Glo3D?

  1. End to End Solution.

    We provide you with an End to End solution that offers mobile and desktop app as well as this Shopify app to streamline the process of capture, edit and embed to the Shopify store.

  2. Fast, Easy and FREE.

    Our vision in Glo3D is “360 Product photography for everyone” and because of that, in our platform, we offer a free mobile app and a free Shopify app with no hardware required. we are hoping as your store grows, you purchase a subscription.

  3. Show details of your product like never before.

    We have a complete solution that offers multi-level zoom and resolution of up to 16K, so you can show great details about your products.

  4. Increase customer engagement while reducing return.

    By offering a 360° spin image of your product, you can create higher engagement. In addition, eliminate the return of a product due to not understanding it which is the reason behind most of the online returns.

Have a Question?

Please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Most of the apps on Shopify's app store are relatively easy to integrate. And so is this Shopify app.

How to install 360 Product Photography app?

To install the app, you simply need to go to Shopify App Store and find this app with keyword 360 Product Photography. After that you must click onto Add app to, type your store URL and the app will get installed upon confirmation.

How to uninstall 360 Product Photography app?

To uninstall the app, you simply need to go to https://www.shopify.com/admin/apps, find to 360 Product Photography app and click the garbage can to uninstall this app.

If you have difficulty installing the 360 Product Photography app or want advanced customization then Hura Apps team - a Shopify expert is right here to help you set up for your success in no time.

We'll help you install and set up the app you want from scratch to a completely working structure that is ready to use for you.

We support:

  • Safely install/uninstall 360 Product Photography app
  • Integration with any Shopify theme as per specification
  • Configurations & setup
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues

Hura Apps is a Vietnam-based Shopify development team.
We have over 8 years of experience with Shopify. With the top skilled developers, we have done many projects for clients worldwide with high quality, on time and budget.

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