How To Extend Your Shopify Free Trial To 21 Days

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Start your Shopify 14-day free trial and save up to 25% on Shopify when you sign up for an annual, 2-year, or 3-year plan.

By default, the free Shopify trial lasts 14 days. In those 14 days, you can set up your store, install a theme, install apps, add products, and more. To make sure anything is okay to start.

But for many people, the 14-day trial simply isn’t enough. And once the 14-day trial ends, you no longer have access to the Shopify dashboard and Shopify will prompt you to purchase the basic plan to continue your access.

Now you have an opportunity to extend your Shopify free trial to 21 days and 10% off for one year.

This is the deal between Shopify with Ezra Firestone. And you only need to go to the landing page here to try Shopify free for 21 days, no credit card is required.


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