Joining “Go Digital Canada” Program To Get 90 Shopify Days Free Trial

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Shopify and the Government of Canada are partnering to help the entrepreneurs bring their business online by launching “Go Digital Canada” program. By joining this program you’ll get 90 Shopify days free trial.

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Go Digital Canada is a central resource hub, making it easier than ever for Canadian entrepreneurs to get online and grow their business with confidence through support resources and tools offered by Shopify and the ecosystem of partners and experts.

Small businesses across Canada can launch their business online for free with an extended 90-day trial (for new merchants that register before October 1), and can access a suite of resources and tools to build their store including step-by-step guidance with Shopify Compass, live webinars, and 24/7 support from our team. Business owners can tailor their stores to suit their individual needs, from setting up online payments, gift cards and local pickup/delivery options, to launching free email marketing campaigns (until October 1) and much more.

To learn more, read Shopify’s blog post here.

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