How To Create a Shopify Store Unlimited Free Trial

By default, Shopify will allow users to create a new store for free for the first 14 days – Shopify 14 Days Free Trial. You will use this time to learn and set up your online store before officially starting your business online.

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For some shop owners, these free trial days are not enough. I’ve also written an article to guide you on how to extend your Shopify free trial to 21 days. But if it’s still not enough and you want a Shopify store unlimited free trial to make sure your online store is complete for release. What’s a pity! Shopify has always limited the trial period for merchants. But…

Yes, but if you are a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores. A development store is a free Shopify account unlimited trial period that comes with a few limitations.

In fact, the development store is created to allow the Shopify partner can use it to test any themes or apps that they create. However, it also can use to set up a Shopify account for a client. After completing the setup of a development store, the Shopify partner will be transferring it to a client.

Development stores include most of the features that are available on the Advanced Shopify plan.

You can do the following while building and testing a development store:

  • Process an unlimited number of test orders
  • Create an unlimited number of unique products
  • Create up to 10 private apps
  • Assign a custom domain

A development store has the following limitations:

  • You can only install free apps and partner-friendly apps.
  • You can only test orders using the Bogus Test gateway or by enabling test mode for your payment provider. You can’t test orders using real transactions through active payment providers. Learn more about testing orders in development stores.
  • You can’t remove the password page.

So, If you want to create a Shopify store unlimited free trial, you can work with a Shopify Partner to start your store as a development store. This allows you to work on your store for as long as you need before choosing a paid plan and opening your store to the public.

Where can I find a Shopify Partner?” – Yes! we’re here 🙂

We are Hura Apps that is a Vietnam-based web app development team. We have over 8 years of experience with Shopify and we are a Shopify Partner. You just need to contact us and we will help you create a development store. Then you can start learning and building your online store without worrying about the trial period. It’s completely free.

When you’re done working on a development store, we will hand it off to you. You need to choose a Shopify plan and you will start getting charged by Shopify from now on.

After we transfer ownership to you, we remain in the store as a collaborator but no longer have access to financial information. And you already can remove our account from your Shopify store.

You will don’t need to pay anything for us. Because Shopify will give us a little commission because we help them have a new client. But if you don’t have time to set up your online store, then you can hire us to help you for a fee.

Happy business!

Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by over 1,700,000 businesses worldwide
Try Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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